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Jun Aramaki’s 36th Birthday Campaign

Hi everyone, this is Jun Aramaki.

On June 3, 2020, I will be turning 36 years old.
This year I aim to do my best in my work, yo-yo, and private life. (This year my yo-yo goal is to learn how to do Wookiee Fountain!)

Similar to Shinya Kido’s from a little while ago, we’re also going to have a campaign for my birthday!

Since my birthday is June 3, I will be choosing 6 yo-yos and 3 non-yo-yo items, for a total of 9 products, to go on a special limited sale to celebrate!

During the campaign period, if you buy my signature model, the Turning Point Ensemble, we will also include a free gift of 2 pieces of my favorite string for 3A (Kitty String XXL) that have been specially customized to my favorite length setting. (Except for REWIND USA)


Click here for the special campaign page!


Campaign Period

From Friday, May 29, at 1pm JST (13:00)
Until Monday, June 8, at 1pm JST (13:00)

[Part Two!] 5A May! Candy Dice Presents “Let’s Try Counterweight” Campaign 2020 #5Ayoyo

Every year yo-yo players celebrate May, the 5th month of the year, as “5A May” to promote the 5A (counterweight, freehand) play style. Counterweight style has a unique trick feeling that comes from the balance between the weight and yo-yo. We would love it for you to give the 5A style a try, especially in the month of May!

Thus, our Candy Dice Presents “Let’s Try Counterweight” Campaign!

Candy Dice is a counterweight brand produced by Shingo “Terry” Terada, the 2001 X Division World Champion, and our Shibuya Tokyo Store Manager.

Campaign Part Two Details

We will give one free random Candy Dice Pro to everyone who places an order over $55.

You will get a random proto shape or limited color, including models unreleased online!

*Please make sure you add the Candy Dice to your cart in order to receive it for free. The price of the Candy Dice will be deducted from the cart if the order price condition is met. Limit one per order. If you wish to receive a second one, please place another order.

If you forgot to add the present(s) to your cart, please message us by contact form or email, or cancel your order and submit a new one with the present added.

[Champaign] Candy Dice Pro Random Product Page

Campaign Period:

Until May 31 or until the campaign Candy Dice are gone.

Candy Dice Brand is run by 2001 World Champion, Shingo “Terry” Terada!

Everyone should give counterweight a go!

The Candy Dice is a product of 2001 X division world champion, Shingo Terada. The concept of this counterweight is to make it easy for anyone to try out 5A/counterweight play. May is the month everyone plays 5A. If you have never tried it, we hope you’ll enjoy this chance to explore a new yo-yo play style with Candy Dice!

Candy Dice Brand Product List Page

YoYoFactory a-May-zing B-Grade Sale 2020

Our “a-May-zing” YYF B-Grade sale is a huge hit every year, so you’d better believe we’re on it this year too!

In addition to popular mainstays, this time we even have some limited and rare models, including ones that come with a counterweight! What better way to get set for #5AMay?

Sale starts on May 1st at 00:00 (Japan Time)!

Don’t miss this rare occasion to grab some great YYF yo-yos at a bargain price!

“What is B-Grade?”
In 2009, YoYoFactory started selling a selection of “outlet” items at events. Calling them “B-Grades,” that name has spread throughout the yo-yo world, and is now a common term.
At B-Grade sales, you can pick up excellent yo-yos with mild imperfections, discolorations, marks or scratches. These make them less desirable as finished products, but they’re still great yo-yos and totally playable, meaning you can get a high quality throw for a bargain price. As a result, B-Grade sales have become very popular.

“What kinds of B-Grades are there?”
The majority of B-Grades have small discolorations or cosmetic blemishes from the anodization process. These are known as “C-Types,” whereas yo-yos that are not perfectly balanced and have some vibes are called “V-Types.” Some may have both types of imperfection; it’s always good to double check

Important Points:
B-Grades are outlet products because for one reason or another they haven’t met the maker’s standards for their products, things to look out for include:
-color imperfections, finish may look dull or scratched
-bearing or response pads aren’t well installed or working properly. Often, switching out these parts will address these issues.
-Bearings or pads may differ from the standard product model.
-Artwork or logos may differ from the standard model.
-Other issues may exist, but nothing so bad as to make the yo-yo unplayable.