Gun Ju Eom’s Yo-Yo Setting & Maintenance at World Yo-Yo Contest 2023


Gun Ju Eom

Gun Ju Eom got 1st place in the World Yo-Yo Contest 2023 4A Division!!
With a wide variety of difficult tricks, he became the first world champion from Korea at the same time as Mir Kim!

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At World Yo-Yo Contest 2023, we asked him about his yo-yo settings and maintenance. Here is our report!
We would like to express our sincere thanks to Gun Ju Eom for his cooperation.

Yo-Yo Setting & Maintenance

Other Tips:
I tend to pay a lot of attention to my hands when I‘m not playing with yo-yo. I put on hand cream and wash my hands before practice.

Message to fans

“Work hard together and make a more advanced yo-yo scene. Thank you to all the fans who congratulated me!”

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World Yo-Yo Contest 2023

Japan National Yo-Yo Contest 2023

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