[REWIND Only] New Year Pixel Bearing Giveaway Campaign 2022

Celebrate the New Year with a fresh bearing for your yo-yo! We are giving away Pixel Bearings for free! You can get one for each yo-yo over $100 purchased.

For every $100 you spend on you order, we will give you 1 free high spec bearing! *(maximum 3 pieces per order)

Bearings subject to the campaign:

Pixel Bearing

How to apply:

Please add an above bearing of choice to your cart. If the order total (minus the price of the campaign bearing(s)) is above $100, the cart will apply an automatic $11.99 discount to your cart for every $100 you spend. If you have an order totaling $300, your maximum discount will be $35.97.


Please make sure you add the bearing to the cart for the discount to be applied to the total. If the order is split into two orders we cannot apply the campaign. Limit 3 free bearings for one order. Even if you order more than $400, you can still only receive 3 free bearings. If you failed to add the bearing to the cart and already used the check out, please message us immediately before we ship (1pm Japan Time is the deadline for any changes or additions to orders) so we can fix your order.

This is a perfect chance for you to stock up on high spec bearings! Better yet, get a free bearing for an easy upgrade to that model you’ve had your eye on. Don’t miss it!

Campaign Period:

Until January 10th (Japan Time)!

2021 Czech YoYo Nationals Freestyle Videos

2021 Czech YoYo Nationals Freestyle Videos.

1A Pro Division

1st Matous Tomes

2nd Jakub Dolejs
3rd Michael Malik

1A Royal Division

1st Robert Kucera

2nd Yixing Tan
3rd Tomas Bubak

X Division

1st Jakub Dolejs

2nd Quentin Godet
3rd Zeyu Lin

1A OPEN Division

1st Keiran Cooper

2nd Simon Dubischar
3rd Pall Gudmundsson

1A Women Division

1st Veronika Kamenska

2nd Katerina Halikova
3rd Sofie Tumova

1A Junior Division

1st Katerina Halikova

2nd Maurus von Kamptz
3rd Bruno Poturnay


Czech YoYo Nationals 2021

2021 Asahikawa Yo-Yo Contest Freestyle Videos

2021 Asahikawa Yo-Yo Contest Top 3 Freestyle Videos.

1A Division

1st Hirotaka Akiba

2nd Kohei Nishimura
3rd Daisuke Nishioka

Double Hand Division

1st Yuki Kurumisawa

2nd Naoya Takeuchi
3rd Yusuke Kadoya

Ariel Division

1st Naoya Takeuchi

2nd Yoshihiro Abe
3rd Satoshi Shirakura

Beginner Division

1st Youta Sumiyoshi

2nd Emiri Tanaka
3rd Sho Itabashi


Asahikawa Yo-Yo Contest 2021
Date: 12.12.2021. (10:00am-5:30pm)

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There are so many ways to enjoy yo-yoing. Play with friends, family, try a new play style, play with your favorite model, or try something completely new!
Get that one model you’ve been dreaming of, try out some new parts you’ve been eyeing, or pick up yo-yos for the whole family. No matter your current joy or goal in yo-yoing, our next holiday season campaign will help get you there.

This time, if you buy in bulk you can get a big discount!

This campaign is in two stages:

December 8th – December 14th JST (Japan Time),
If your total purchase is:
$200 or more = 10% off!

December 15th – December 21th JST,
If your total purchase is:
$200 or more = 8% off!

*The discounted price will not show in the store listing, but will show in your shopping cart.
*Some New/Limited/Sale Items cannot be discounted by this campaign, but they will still count toward your purchase total to help you get the discount for other items in your cart.
*Your discount will be applied before shipping costs.
*Cannot be combined with other discount coupons.

Use this chance to finish up holiday shopping and pick up something for friends, family, and maybe even treat ‘yo’ self! Don’t miss it!

2021 Online World YoYo Contest (OWYYC) Final Freestyle Videos

2021 Online World YoYo Contest (OWYYC) Final Freestyle Videos.


1st Mir Kim (Republic of Korea)

2nd Akitoshi Tokubuchi (Japan)
3rd Park Junsang (Republic of Korea)
4th Kohei Nishimura (Japan)
5th Junyi Lin (China)
6th Jason Liu Zichen (China)
7th Hunter Feuerstein (United States)
8th Jakub Dolejš (Czech Republic)
9th Ming Lun Li (China)
10th Yulin Li (China)
11th Shuyun Tang (China)
12th Tsukasa Namba (Japan)
13th Yasutaka Maeda (Japan)
14th Ryo Igarashi (Japan)
15th Yuya Kudo (Japan)
16th Hayato Itani (Japan)


1st Shu Takada (Japan)

2nd Satoshi Yamanaka (Japan)
3rd Wasakorn Lattilertwit (Thailand)
4th Kenshiro Osada (Japan)
5th Takahiro Ishihama (Japan)
6th Minh Phan The (Vietnam)


1st Minato Furuta (Japan)

2nd Tomoya Kurita (Japan)
3rd Mizuki Takimoto (Japan)
4th Qing Yang (China)
5th Dongyoung Kim (Republic of Korea)


1st Kaoru Nakamura (Japan)

2nd Tsubasa Onishi (Japan)
3rd Yuki Uchida (Japan)
4th Tomohiko Zanka (Japan)
5th Sheng-Wen Cheng (Taiwan)
6th Naoto Okada (Germany)
7th Shuntao Ouyang (China)
8th Huy Luu (Vietnam)
9th Bin Ge (China)


1st Sora Ishikawa (Japan)

2nd Yoshihiro Abe (Japan)
3rd Hideo Ishida (Japan)
4th Naoki Uemae (Japan)
5th Pham Tran Quoc Anh (Vietnam)
6th Ji Hoo Lee (Republic of Korea)
7th Naoya Takeuchi (Japan)
8th Shigehiro Yamada (Japan)
9th Yuki Sakamoto (Japan)

Women’s Freestyle

1st Miri Kim (Republic of Korea)

2nd Veronika Kamenská (Czech Republic)
3rd Hobbit Xiao-Wen Wang (Taiwan)
4th Ziyu Meng (China)
5th Coco (Yutong) Sun (China)
6th Yoon Myeongwon (Republic of Korea)
7th Karolina Zahrubska (Czech Republic)
8th Jialu Chen (China)
9th Kira Morrow (United States)
10th Sidney Ishee (United States)
11th Miku Hanai (Japan)
12th Youwen Kong (China)
13th Hikari Takahashi (Japan)
14th Shu Yu Chou (Taiwan)

Over-40 Freestyle

1st Ricardo Marechal (Brazil)

2nd Benjamin Mcphee (United States)
3rd Tomomi Matsuda (Japan)
4th Patrick Jüptner (Germany)
5th Isaac Kanarek (Mexico)
6th Ed Haponik (United States)
7th Victor Tiong (Malaysia)
8th Patrick Chua (United States)
9th Mike Minond (United States)
10th Jon Kennedy (United States)

Art & Performance Division

Entertainment Award – YOYOBOYS (Robert Kučera & Zdenek Hybl)

Artistic Award – Naoto Okada



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