2024 Taiwan Yo-Yo Contest Final Freestyle videos



1st 鍾承勳 Wayne Cheng
2nd 蘇卓然
3rd 洪身一
4th 蔡宣儒
5th 陳俊榳
6th 張子威
7th 蘇益學
8th 江山鎮
9th 郭峻佑
10th 趙晏愷
11th 陸勁羽
12th 鄭盛文
13th 黃冠融


1st 廖世鼎
2nd 林興昱 Moyo
3rd 楊尹祺
4th 簡瑋呈
5th 高中宸
6th 鄭盛文
7th 潘威諭
8th 林繼享


1st 高中宸 Jason
2nd 林繼享
3rd 鄭盛文


1st 劉浚昇
2nd 張紘綸
3rd 鄭盛文
4th 高軼凡
5th 鍾承勳
6th 高中宸
7th 林繼享


1st 郭峻佑
2nd 修常禹
3rd 鄭盛文
4th 高中宸
5th 林繼享


Team Low Performace (TLP)

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