Betty Gallegos’ Yo-Yo Setting & Maintenance at World Yo-Yo Contest 2023


Betty Gallegos

Betty Gallegos got 2nd place in the World Yo-Yo Contest 2023 Women’s Freestyle!!
She mesmerized the audience with a variety of trick elements such as slacks, hops, horizontals, straight combos, and so many other kinds of great tricks, performed at a high level of difficulty, yet in harmony with the music.

– Sponsor: YoYoFactory
– Signature Model: BettyNova, MEERKAT
– Signature Color YoYos: IQ, Wedge 2.0, etc.

At World Yo-Yo Contest 2023, we asked her about her yo-yo settings and maintenance. Here is our report!
We would like to express our sincere thanks to Betty Gallegos for her cooperation.

Yo-Yo Setting & Maintenance

Other Tips:
Use a new string after 1 hour of practice (especially if using gloves on both hands).

Message to fans

“Bring some love and happiness with yo-yo to others and enjoy the process! 💖🪀”

Betty Gallegos’ Social Media & YouTube Accounts

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World Yo-Yo Contest 2023

Japan National Yo-Yo Contest 2023

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