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Nine Dragons will be released at May 14th.


The Nine Dragons is a very unique yo-yo. It is a collaboration made by Yo-Yo Formula and YoYoFactory. The yo-yo is made from both delrin and aluminum. The inside cap is aluminum and the body is machined delrin. The inside cap and the delrin body spin freely from each other. This allows you to grab the spinning yoyo by the body without it dying. Thanks to this unique design, you can do some really interesting tricks with endless possibilities. Because the two pieces spin freely the yo-yo will never flop or spin out while being horizontal, unless it runs out of spin. This is perfect if you want to do horizontal tricks.

The Nine Dragons will be available at Yo-Yo Store REWIND on May 14th at 00:00am, Japan Time, and at YO-YO USA on May 14th at 00:00am, PST.


YoYoFactory Presents: REWIND Halloween Campaign


YoYoFactory’s Center Trac Bearing, already a staple in the yo-yo world, just got a high-power upgrade.

The brand New Center Trac Bearing keeps its familiar external shape but is completely revamped on the inside. Thanks to a factory switch, YYF was able to achieve a higher level of precision, which really shows in each bearing. Compared to the old version, the new CT has a much speedier and smoother spin, evident even just by flicking the bearing, and is sure to impress anyone who has used the old one before. Not only that, but the feeling of smoothness of the string against the bearing differs from other similar bearings, so if you’re a fan of curved or concave bearings be sure to give this one a try!

All said, the New Center Trac Bearing is so good, we wanted to give our customers a chance to try it out for free. With support from YoYoFactory themselves, we bring you our 2015 Halloween Campaign!

To receive your present(s), you must put the applicable present listing in your shopping cart.
*If you put the present listing in your cart but your order does not meet the requirements, we will ship your order without the present(s).
*Set items do not apply to this campaign.

One free bearing for each YYF yo-yo over $20


For each YoYoFactory yo-yo of $20 or more you buy, you’ll get a present of one New Center Trac Bearing!

One free bearing and Sharpie for each YYF yo-yo over $40


For each YoYoFactory yo-yo of $40 or more you buy, you’ll get a present of one New Center Trac Bearing and a YoYoFactory Sharpie!
Bring it to your next yo-yo event and get all of your favorite players’ autographs!

One free bearing, Sharpie, and pin for each YYF yo-yo over $80


For each YoYoFactory yo-yo of $80 or more you buy, you’ll get a present of one New Center Trac Bearing, a YoYoFactory Sharpie, and a YYF original pin badge!
The folks at YoYoFactory said these pins are pretty rare, so get ’em while you can. There are two different designs, one of which will be chosen randomly.

Campaign Period:

Until we run out of prizes, or until Monday, November 2nd, 13:00 Japan Time (whichever is first).

Don’t miss your chance to try the New Center Trac for free and pick up some rare YYF swag while you’re at it!

REWIND Presents : YoYoFactory x sOMEThING Video Contest



Participant Rules

– Anyone may enter!

– You can only use yo-yos by YoYoFactory, sOMEThING, izm in your video.

– You may do any style of yo-yo play you wish (1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, or any mixture of styles, or any style not listed here)

– You must include the name(s) of the yo-yo(s) you used in the video itself -or- you must show what yo-yo(s) you are using in an obvious way, within the video.

– The entry period is from October 1st until October 25th, 2015 (Japan Time).

– The video contest judges will be looking at the level of difficulty of tricks, originality, composition of the video, etc.

– For the Special Awards, representatives of sOMEThING and YoYoFactory will decide the winners however they like, without relation to the other judging criteria of the video contest.

– After uploading your video, fill in the contest entry form with your full name (if you instead wish to go by a nickname, please also input that on the entry form), email address, and the link to your video on YouTube.

Video Guidelines

– Upload your video to YouTube and set it to the “public” setting (please disable the 3D setting).

– The video must be 2 minutes or less in length.

– Please insert the video contest logo at the very beginning and end of your video. You can download the logo here: [1920×1080] [1280×720]

– Please title your video “YoYoFactory x sOMEThING xREWIND Video Contest – (Entrant’s name/nickname)”
*The entrant’s name or nickname must should be in English alphabet letters.

– Please tag the video with “REWIND”, “YoYoFactory”, “sOMEThING” and “Yo-Yo”.

– Please post these links in the video description: ,,

– By submitting a video to the contest, you acknowledge that we may be permitted to introduce and/or use your video on our main website, Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media or promotional platforms.


Grand Prize (one winner):

– A $200 USD coupon for Yo-Yo Store REWIND

YoYoFactory yo-yo

sOMEThING yo-yo

Special Award (one or more winners):
– A $50 USD coupon for Yo-Yo Store REWIND

YYF Award

YoYoFactory yo-yo


sOMEThING yo-yo

Winner Announcement

The video contest winners will be announced on our store blog and social media channels near the end of October or Ealy November.

You’ve got until October 25th to enter. We hope to see your videos soon!