The “Act” is the sibling product paired with the previously introduced REWIND x SUS YOYO MECHANICS “Trial“. The basic shape is the same, but the diameters, widths, and rims are different, making them similar but different yo-yos. The outer type rim in particular is designed to be wider, which not only improves performance in terms of stability and spinning power, but also gives the player a sense of stability and big energy while playing.

As the signature model of Shotaro Matsuda, who is well-known for his Rewind tutorial videos, this yo-yo is highly suited for 3A, and is the classic yo-yo for 3A. It is easy to perform both front and sideway style tricks, and its stable position allows for more leeway in each tricks. Coupled with the tenacity of the sleep, it is also an ideal yoyo for practicing combos. It is the definitive all-around model for 3A.

It is sometimes said that 3A is a style that benefits from bimetal. The high performance of the yo-yo has a great impact on practice efficiency and the contest scene. The “Act” is a yo-yo recommended for 3A among such bimetal yo-yos. The price is not cheap, but the performance is superlative. It is no exaggeration to say that it opens up a new world of 3A.

Original article written by Jun Aramaki
Translated by Rei Iwakura

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