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[Free present for all orders of $30 or more!] iYoYo Presents SLACKiES Pro String trial campaign!

Have you heard of the brand new string released by iYoYo? It’s called SLACKiES Pro String. It’s formulated to be slightly thicker than the average poly 100% string and is ideal for slack tricks, but also great at anything else you can throw at it.

We love this string and think you will too, so we decided to do a freebie campaign to give yo-yo players of the world a chance to try it out!

Place an order of $30 (or more) and we’ll send you a pack of three SLACKiES Pro Strings for free!
*One free pack of string per shipment.
*Your order must be $30 or more: after any discount coupon is applied, and before the shipping cost.

Campaign Period

Until all the free strings are gone!

We hope you’ll enjoy these awesome new strings!

Kodiak & Gorge Restock – Jan. 12



We’ve got a fresh restock of the Kodiak and the Gorge hitting CLYW retailers on Thursday, January 12th! Release time is 10 pm EST / 7 pm PST for North America. International release time is January 13th, 2 am GMT.

Both the Kodiak and the Gorge are being restocked in two colors each. Quantities are limited!

Hit our retailer list to find out where to scoop these up beauties!

Kodiak & Gorge Restock – Jan. 12

Rewind Remind 1/6 New Year Dif KonKave Bearing Giveaway Campaign

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New Year Dif KonKave Bearing Giveaway Campaign

Celebrate the New Year with a fresh bearing for your yo-yo! We are giving away 100 Dif KonKave Bearings for free! You can get one for each yo-yo over $70 purchased.

For example, if you buy two yo-yos priced over $70 USD you will receive TWO free Dif KonKave Bearings.

*Dif KonKave Bearings will be all size C.
*First come first served basis. Do not wait to place an order!
*Excludes Sale/Set/Special Items.

Event Period

Until 2017 Jan 16th 01:00pm (Japan Time)

-or- Until all the campaign bearings have been given away.

Get ’em while they’re hot!

New Arrival

C3yoyodesign – Initiator CLYW – Gorge
$18.99 $129.99
Japan Technology – OS Starter Kit
New Items Sale

[Shinya Kido got married! C3yoyodesign presents: 22% Discount on 7075 for 48 hours only!]


On Monday, December 12, 2006, our REWIND staff member Shinya Kido got married!

Shinya is sponsored by Hong Kong yo-yo maker C3yoyodesign, and they also make his signature model, the 7075. When the folks at C3 heard that Shinya was getting married, they wanted to do a special offer with us to celebrate the happy day.

For 48 hours only, the will be on sale at 22% off the usual price. As you may know, in Japan we love to read our numbers in different ways, for example 44 = yo-yo. In this way, 22 is commonly used to represent married couples, since a different way to read the numbers sounds like the word for that (“fuufu”).

Thus, 7075 is now 22% off for 48 hours only! Not only that, but every 7075 ordered during the campaign period will be personally tuned up and adjusted to his ideal setting by Shinya himself, and comes with an autographed signature board.

22% off on one of C3’s very best yo-yos is a deal that doesn’t come around very often. If you were thinking of getting a now’s your chance!

Congratulations, Shinya! We wish you and your wife a long and happy married life together!

December 18, 5:00pm – December 20, 5:00pm (PST)

C3yoyodesign – 7075