[REWIND / YOYOUSA Instock] Recess – Komodo, Vacation, Diplomat, Firstbase


This middle size step-round throw is designed to fit comfortably into your hand, like an old friend.

Komodo is the new signature yo-yo of 2013-14 Asian 1A champion, Ahmad Kharisma. A middle-sized throw, Komodo has a step-round profile and a weight that’s designed to fit comfortably into your hand. The feeling, thanks to its weight distribution, is the secret to its success. Players that are used to the feeling of a full size yo-yo in their hand may feel like the Komodo is a little small at first, but the feeling of the weight makes the Komodo feel larger than it really is. Easy to control and comfortable in the hand thanks to its rounded features, Komodo is sure to find itself in your hand a lot!

Heavyweight feeling without wearing you out, if you want to practice your combos and freestyles with the speed and passion of Ahmad Kharisma, we recommend you get your hands on his yo-yo!

Weight (g)     66.7
Diameter (mm)     54.00
Width (mm)     43.37



Vacation is a bimetal model with a delicately stepped H-profile.

Vacation is the second bimetal model from Recess, and is a brother of the Weekend with an emphasis on speed and power. That power is transmitted through the string, and gives you a sense of the super steady long sleeps the Vacation is capable of. While the Weekend had a soft playfeel, its brother has a harder, more crisp feel to it.

Looking closely, the Weekend and Vacation complement each other in their differences, and can be used as a counterpoint to help players explore their yo-yo preferences. They both have immense potential and approach it in different ways. You’ll have to throw both to see what works best for you!

Weight (g)     64.9
Diameter (mm)     55.5
Width (mm)     43.78



Ever the diplomat, this is Colin Beckford’s signature model!

The Diplomat’s profile and concept is a great departure from other Recess monometal, the Joyride. Its distinguishing features are its sharp rims and inverse round shape. Both the diameter and width are on the wide side, giving the Diplomat a sense of speed even when standing still. The Diplomat is designed with Colin’s particular mix of technical tricks and speedy play.

You’ll quickly warm up to the sharp-looking throw, and find it hard to put back down. Although it’s a heavyweight, you won’t be getting tired of it anytime soon!

Blasted Finish:
Red, Green, Splash (Purple / Green)

You’ll quickly warm up to the sharp-looking throw, and find it hard to put back down. Although it’s a heavyweight, you won’t be getting tired of it anytime soon!

Weight (g)     64.3
Diameter (mm)     56.42
Width (mm)     42.63



You hit the ball, now it’s time to round first base! This full plastic yo-yo is a perfect step-up model for beginners.

Great for pure beginners or old school players, First Base is the first plastic yo-yo from Recess, and it’s a doozy: low price, very stable with the option to customize the yo-yo’s width, making it a great beginner-intermediate option.

First Base comes set for tug-response with no need for any special tweaks, letting new players hit the ground running. Just adjust the length of your string and you’re ready to experience competition-quality plastic! You can hit all the classics like gravity pull and around the world, and even harder tricks like Brain Twister. Thanks to its low edge and superior design, First Base promises long sleep times, so when you start dabbling in more complex tricks you can swap the bearing out for the included Center Trac bearing. This turns the First Base into a bind-response yo-yo, and nearly doubles its sleep time. In bind mode, First Base is even better suited for more complex tricks. From pure beginners to more advanced veterans, the First Base has you covered.

Recess has no doubts about the quality of this yo-yo, and it’ll surely appeal to players of all levels. The First Base will prove a good companion for a long time to come.

Weight (g)     60.6
Diameter (mm)     56.88
Width (mm)     43.33


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