Tug Response? Bind Response?

Modern yo-yos are broken into two groups, Tug-response and Bind-response. If you aren’t familiar with yo-yos, you might wonder what me mean when we use those terms.


Tug Response?

Tug response refers to a type of yo-yo or setting where the yo-yo returns to your hand with a tug on the string. This is the simplest setting, and is best for new players learning the basics like the Gravity Pull and Sleeper.

Bind Response?

Bind response means the yo-yo will NOT return to your hand without a special technique, called a bind. Some yo-yos can be adjusted for both tug and bind response, making them a good choice for beginner to intermediate players. Bind response settings give longer sleep times, which allows for longer and more complicated combo tricks. String players in competitions exclusively use bind response yo-yos.

Click here for our Bind Technique Tutorial.

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The response setting for a yo-yo can be found in the product details section. An explanation of the details section can be found here.