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New yo-yo brand from the United States, SFyoyos, will be available at REWIND and YOYOUSA! Bi-metal model SF SS coming soon in a REWIND exclusive color!

SFyoyos, a brand from the United States, started surfacing in conversation among core yo-yo fans on social media in late 2016. Their first yo-yo, the SF, which has a very smooth and round design, was well loved, so much so that it became a popular throw instantly. Their team has many well known players like Paul Harness, aka @yoyoist who uploads super high level tricks on Instagram, SEC 1A Champ, Alec Jones, and 2017 US Nationals 5A 3rd place, Jared Marcus. SF is one of the up and coming brands of today, and one you definitely won’t want to miss!

REWIND is the first retailer to carry SFyoyos, and the first model available will be a bi-metal model, the SF SS! On top of that, they will be a REWIND exclusive colorway!

The SF SS is based on their first model, the SF, and has embedded stainless rims inside. Its feeling is incredibly unique. It’s like playing with a mono-metal, with no strong pull or heaviness of a bi-metal, but the length of spin is truly something to behold. It spins way longer than it feels from the initial throw!

We have a very limited number of this special exclusive color. Try one while you can! They will not last long.


10 DEC. 7:00 pm (PST) / 10:00 pm (EST)

11 DEC. 10:00 pm (Japan Time)
11 DEC. 1:00 pm (GMT) / 5:00 am (PST) / 8:00 am (EST)

REWIND Worldwide is now an official “partner store” for Mowl. All models will be available on Dec. 1!

Mowl is a Japanese yo-yo brand produced by 2003 and 2007 4A World Champion, Eiji Okuyama. We have been carrying their yo-yos at our Shibuya store, but now they will be available online as well!

We will carry all three models: Surveillance (Daiki Tanaka’s signature model), their first model “M,” and newly released Off String model, Anarchy.
There is no doubt about their yo-yos’ high performance, but the brand also shows off the coolness of the current yo-yo scene with their street culture designs and high-quality promotional videos.

We’re sure there will be more new models and promotion coming soon from them. Keep your eye on Mowl!

[YOYOUSA Instock] C3yoyodesign – Gamma Crash, Contrail, Remaster Galaxy

Gamma Crash

C3yoyodesign – Gamma Crash

POM and Stainless come together to create a marriage of softness with a metal ring.

C3 liked this soft POM body they put a ring on it! This is C3’s first composite yo-yo, and they’ve brought all their expertise to the table to ensure it retains the smooth playfeel of their current lineup.

Slightly larger than the body is wide, the addition of the steel ring adds a power-up that spins Gamma Crash with incredible power. The softness of POM with the power of metal gives you the control and speed of top-end bimetal yo-yos, with the soft catch of light plastic yo-yos.

Although they aren’t using metal for the body, they machined the POM (also known as engineering plastic) just the same, so it still has the high-end feel of a machined yo-yo. We’d really like you to taste the balance of weight and ease of use the Gamma Crash offers. C3 has sought to overcome the barriers of mixing new materials and techniques to bring you the best yo-yos, and the best of both worlds.



Contrail is C3’s latest and greatest off string yo-yo, the second signature model for 4A world champion, Rei Iwakura.

There are many genres of off string play, and this yo-yo was designed as the perfect all-arounder, for beginners all the way to expert players. As Rei’s second signature model, it’s important to point out that the Contrail’s concept varies wildly from the dead-stable spin of the Flawless.

The body shape is based on a combination of the Flawless and the Aura, and machined from the same POM plastic material. It has the same catch zone as the Neo Solar, with a similarly rounded low-edge as the Orbit and Toss, making it easier to maintain balance during play through endless regenerations, while the body is so well balanced that even a light throw can be highly playable. C3 has considered everything an off string player could want, and given it to us. The Contrail is easy to throw and easy to hit tricks with.

For casual play or competitive play, performances, training, and trick creation, you can’t go wrong with this one. The Contrail is our new favorite recommendation.

Please note that the axle thickness has been stepped up for added toughness and durability.


Remaster Galaxy

The Master Galaxy, now five years old, has been recast in 7075 Aluminum!

As the name implies, the Remaster Galaxy is the updated version of C3’s first popular wide-bodied full metal yo-yo, the Master Galaxy. The size and shape are mostly untouched, but thanks to the change of materials, the new body is a full 3 grams lighter. Coupled with the dense feeling of 7075 Aluminum and the weight distribution focusing on power and stability, the Remaster is even more stable during play than its predecessor.

When we call it a “wide body,” we aren’t joking; the Remaster is so wide it spills out of adult hands. But it’s not just for looks; the wide design increases your string hits so that you can pull of insane speedy combos and influent-style tricks without even looking.

The “Petal Dance” colorway is Simpson Wong’s design, the “Pegasus” design is the signature colorway for C3’s Chinese sponsored member, Ma Yi, and has their logo engraved on the side face.