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[REWIND Instock] Top Yo – [Q]uantum, Colossus III, Impulse, Innovator, MIYO Multi Tool, MIYO String x100


Quantum combines a 7075 aluminum body with a stainless steel inner rim.

Quantum is machined from the standard 6061 aluminum, and sports an inner rim made of 7075 aluminum; an unusual combination for bimetal yo-yos these days. The body size is considerably large for its width, making this a “tall” class yo-yo. It pulls every ounce of power from its 67 grams of mass. While 7075 aluminum doesn’t have the same density as stainless steel, it is denser than 6061, and has a noticeable effect on the yo-yo’s weight distribution. The resulting body shape creates a unique sense of stability that feels well balanced with its profile.

The contrasting metals also make for a beautiful effect.

Weight (g)     67.2
Diameter (mm)     58.01
Width (mm)     43.36

Colossus III

Using 7003 grade aluminum, this is the third release of the Colossus series.

The third Colossus is a middle sized step-round model. Leaving the size and shape mostly untouched, the biggest difference from previous models is the switch in materials. Between the standard 6061 alloy and the strong, high-end 7075 alloy sits 7003 aluminum, letting Top Yo give you better-than-expected power and durability at a killer price. The savings also allowed them to spend more on the coloring, which is really eye-catching!

Though it has a tight spin, the Colossus III is very responsive to your command, to the point that we feel we must warn you to play carefully when you first pick one up. The 43mm wide body is just enough to nail all your favorite tricks.

Weight (g)     66.5
Diameter (mm)     54.02
Width (mm)     42.73


Using 7003 grade aluminum, Impulse is a step-straight full metal yo-yo.

As a counterpoint to the step round profile of the Colossus III, Impulse is the step straight variation of Top Yo’s love affair with the 7003 aluminum alloy. 7003 sits between standard 6061 and the ultra-durable 7075 aircraft aluminum, so you can have premium material quality without paying a premium pricetag.

Compared to the rounded, heavier-feeling Colossus III, the straight and light Impulse flies on the wind. It’s very interesting to play with both and compare how weight distribution alone makes such a difference in a yo-yo’s playfeel. Impulse is a pretty average-sized model, so it’ll fit well into just about any seasoned player’s hand, but it also makes a great first metal throw. For speedy play and lots of control, you can’t do better for your money!

Weight (g)     65.5
Diameter (mm)     56.00
Width (mm)     43.11


With a complex, polygonal body shape, the 45mm wide full metal Innovator has a very distinct attitude.

THIS is what we’re talking about when we say that wide yo-yos boast power! The polygonal Innovator is a classic example of why wide yo-yos became so popular. But while lots of wide throws try to give a “light” feeling, the Innovator piles a more weighty feeling into your hand through clever weight distribution. This design also gives you all the benefits of a heavier yo-yo, without all the heft.

Lots of steps define the Innovator’s shape which rounds out at the very last edge for a soft catch. Despite the sense of weight, Innovator is actually designed to be less tiresome to play with!

Weight (g)     66.5
Diameter (mm)     56.00
Width (mm)     45.00

MIYO Multi Tool

This slick multi tool comes with everything you need for yo-yo maintenance!

A bearing remover, pick, cutter, and hex wrench are all squeezed into one compact little tool! All the tools are threaded so they screw together into a single short stick, giving it a very small footprint.

The hex wrench is the same size as the 1080 key, and the bearing remover is suited for standard size C bearings. The pick is mainly for helping undo knots in strings or free them from the bearing when you miss a bind, or for removing response pads. Super handy!

MIYO String x100

MIYO’s 100% Poly string!

Soft and smooth, MIYO string’s signature is its especially soft texture. This string is slightly on the thicker side, making it slightly stiffer so it holds shapes better for laceration and slack tricks.

Duncan – Orbital, Pandamonium, Freehand Pro Sakura



Orbital is the new signature model of 2016 and 2017 European 1A champion, Tal Mordoch.

Taking up the mantle from the Haymaker, Orbital is Duncan’s second bimetal yo-yo and the signature model for 2016 and 2017 European 1A champion, Tal Mordoch. Compared to the classic shape of the Haymaker, Orbital is based on the Exit 8. It has diameter of 53mm, which makes its 43mm width feel wide in the hand. The stainless rim gives the Orbital plenty of power for speedy play. The H-profile and sharp straight body that gives the yo-yo a light but “just-right” playfeel.

To prove its chops, Tal used the Orbital when he took 1st at the 2017 European Yo-Yo Contest (EYYC). Give the freestyle a watch to see what the Orbital is capable of!

Weight (g)     65.3
Diameter (mm)     53.49
Width (mm)     43.01



Duncan’s first yo-yo machined from POM plastic, Pandamonium is the new signature model of Filipino off string champion, Sean Perez.

Dynamic and difficult tricks are always accompanied with a huge smile, when Sean Perez takes the stage. He’s one of the ambassadors of yo-yo in Asia, and has lon held the title of national 4A champion in the Philippines. The Pandamonium is his new signature off string model. The name is a nod to Duncan’s famous Flying Panda, one of the first mass-produced off string models, but the design concept of Pandamonium is a big departure from the injection plastic and rubber wings of the off string division’s early years. Machined from POM plastic using the same techniques as metal yo-yos, the result is much stronger and more resilient than polycarbonate, with the same precision as high-end metal yo-yos. The bearing and response areas are identical to the Skyhawk.

With its low edge and special shape, the Pandamonium maintains its balance even at low speeds, giving the potential for some crazy long combos and wild freestyles. We can’t wait to see what you can do with this one!

Weight (g)     81.2
Diameter (mm)     78.20
Width (mm)     60.11


Freehand Pro Sakura


This upgraded version of the Freehand was designed with competitions in mind.

The Freehand is synonymous with the Duncan lineup, being the flagship plastic model of the brand for decades. To bring the Freehand to a new generation of players, Duncan has improved on the original design to bring it up to date.

Low edge and a wide size C bearing give the new Freehand excellent sleep times. The response pads have been swapped out for the new friction pads, which are a standard size that gives you a chance to try a variety of response pads. Without any modifications, you’re guaranteed to get the best performance right out of the box.

The reborn Freehand is a plastic yo-yo we want to see in everyone’s hands. From casual fun to complex tricks, the Freehand is your new best friend.

Weight (g)     64.6
Diameter (mm)     58.02
Width (mm)     43.33


[REWIND Instock] Turning Point – Colony, Anubis



Like an outer rim version of the Palpitation, Colony is Takeshi Matsuura’s second Japan-based bimetal signature model.

Aside from being a 5A world champion, Takeshi has also held the Japanese 1A championship title for consecutive years. His new signature yo-yo, the Colony is very similar to the Palpitation, with almost the same size and shape and weight, but the outer rim makes it a completely different beast. Designed to extend sleep time for long, complex tricks, the rim itself extends deep into body, giving it the signature power and stability of bimetal yo-yos.

Check out the side profile, the design is meant to give you the maximum amount of power and stability in the narrowest body possible, to aid in complex and intricate string tricks where the yo-yo must pass through small spaces.

This is the yo-yo Takeshi used for his 1A freestyle at the 2016 World Yo-Yo Contest in Cleveland.

Weight (g)     66.3
Diameter (mm)     56.03
Width (mm)     42.95



This bimetal marvel is based on the Basilisk.

This model is just a little bit over full sized. The shape is based on the Basilisk, and at a glance it looks like an outer rim bimetal variation of the Basilisk light. Thanks to the bimetal design, the Anubis has impressive power that lasts for days, but still is easy to control. The stainless steel rim offers stability you can rely on.

The Anubis is a real masterpiece, the fruition of champion input, and has become a favorite throw for several sponsored members, including 2015 3A Japan champion Tomoya Kurita and six-time 5A world champion, Takeshi Matsuura.

Weight (g)     66.3
Diameter (mm)     58.08
Width (mm)     42.84

Sengoku – Masamaxx, Musashi will be released at 10 February 5:00 PM (Japan Time)

Release date

10 February 5:00 PM (Japan Time)
10 February 3:00 AM (EST)
10 February 0:00 AM (PST)
10 February 8:00 AM (GMT)


Sengoku – Masamaxx

Following in the footsteps of the Masamune and Masamini, the Masamaxx is an oversized, heavyweight bimetal addition to the Sengoku lineup.

Wow! The Masamaxx weighs in at 92 grams, and what you get for stepping so far from the norm is incredible power! Sengoku didn’t skimp on materials, using 7075 aluminum for the body and stainless steel for the weight ring. You’ll understand with the first throw just how unique this throw is. Unlike some of the heavyweight yo-yos where you don’t really feel the weight until you throw it, Masamaxx has the heft you can feel the second you pick it up. That’s not so surprising when you realize that it’s about 1.5 times as heavy as the average yo-yo.

Not to fall victim to its own impressive mass, Masamaxx still has spectacular stability during play. With that balance, the potential for developing ultra long combos is very high!

At this weight, we can’t say that we’d recommend this yo-yo for everyone, but Masamaxx will feel just at home with players who like niche yo-yo designs and extreme styles, or players looking to push the limits of what they’re capable of.

Weight (g) 91.4
Diameter (mm) 61.70
Width (mm) 43.94

Sengoku – Musashi

Musashi is a metallurgic masterpiece, combining 7068 aluminum and stainless steel.

Sengoku’s Kenshin was the first yo-yo to incorporate 7068 Aluminum, and now they’re combining it with stainless steel to create a very special bimetal throw. Without any frills or gimmicks, Musashi is designed in the pursuit of spin, its strong but light inner body works with the dense outer rim to deliver on this simple concept.

Its most notable feature is the one you can’t see: the fact that its main body is made from 7068 aluminum, an alloy that is even stronger than the popular 7075 alloy. By switching materials, Sengoku was able to produce a design that would be impossible otherwise, carving even more material out of the body.

With straight shapes comes straight feelings, as the Musashi’s simple profile gives a sharp feeling in hand, capable of whipping out with incredible speed, like the famous Samurai’s sword. Musashi definitely lives up to its namesake

Weight (g) 65.3
Diameter (mm) 56.51
Width (mm) 43.80