LAID BACK SWING: Authentic [FEATURED PRODUCTS from Tokyo Shibuya Store]

Laid Back Swing, established this year, is a Japanese yo-yo brand owned by Dee and directed by Yoshinori. Both are core members of FIST SALUD and have been involved in yo-yoing for a long time. Authentic, the brand’s first yo-yo, and Nude Trump are both yo-yos with an old American feel. The toolbox-like packaging also reflects this vibe.

“Authentic”, the yo-yo introduced here, is a round-shaped yo-yo produced under the themes of “retro but modern,” “can play all the time,” and “blends in with a variety of scenes.”

As the theme suggests, it has a perfect balance of nostalgia mixed with recent trends, which keeps you playing with it all the time.
It can be played at home for relaxation or taken with you out into the world.
It is also clear that it blends in with the scene, including its design, which does not look out of place anywhere.

Although still in its early stages, a certain “yo-yo culture” has been established in recent years.
I personally believe that “Authentic” was born as a product based on respect for such culture. Dee’s love for yo-yos, which has been a driving force in the yo-yo scene through events such as 44CLASH, is at the same time a new challenge to this culture that will continue in the future. Not only the performance, but also the various charms of yo-yos are condensed in “Authentic”.

Original article written by Jun Aramaki
Translated by Rei Iwakura

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