iYOYO : ANTARCTiCA Prototype [FEATURED PRODUCTS from Tokyo Shibuya Store]

While there are many bimetal yo-yos nowadays that combine an aluminum body with a stainless-steel rim, there are still very few models with a titanium body and a stainless-steel rim. This is because the cost of materials and manufacturing is inevitably high. However, iYoYo has seen the potential of this material combination and has released the ” TiSSOX ” in the past. The “ANTARCTiCA Prototype” is the latest model of such a titanium body and stainless-steel rim yo-yo.

The shape of this yo-yo is based on the new “iCEBERG“. The size design is therefore more trend-conscious than narrower models such as the “TiTANiC” and the “iCEBERG Classic“. iYoYo has achieved its ideal specs through machining unique to the properties of titanium and improved spinning power with stainless steel rims. And the answer they have come up with is “ANTARCTiCA”.

The product currently on the market is being treated as a prototype, so there is a possibility that its specs may change in the future. However, it is a finished product that looks as if it has already been completed, and it goes without saying that the performance is outstanding. We can feel the enthusiasm and commitment put into this yo-yo. “ANTARCTiCA” is a word meaning the “Antarctic Continent”. The perfection of this yo-yo lives up to its name. It is a supreme yo-yo with collectible elements and a sense of presence.

Original article written by Jun Aramaki
Translated by Rei Iwakura

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