TOP YO x JULY YOYO : Null [FEATURED PRODUCTS from Tokyo Shibuya Store]

“Null” is a metal yo-yo made of A7068 alloy, developed as a collaboration model between TOP YO and JULY YOYO. Because A7068 is a material with excellent strength, it is possible to realize designs that are not possible with ordinary A6061 (such as retaining strength even when machined thin), but while it is an excellent material for yo-yos, its price is high. However, “Null” is a cost-effective yo-yo that achieves a low price despite being made of A7068.

Do not underestimate it just because it is inexpensive. My personal impression is that it is simply easy to use. It has a solid weight and presence of feeling but is surprisingly easy to move and handle. A standard feeling that seems to appeal to everyone is also a highly appreciated point. The durability, coupled with the feel of the material, is also a major advantage.

The color designations are distinctive, with Type:Fire for red, Type:Water for light blue, Type:Grass for green, and so on, which are appropriate for the color. Not only does it come in solid colors, but splash colors are also available. It can be recommended as an introductory product to metal yo-yos as well as to A7068 yo-yos.

Original article written by Jun Aramaki
Translated by Rei Iwakura

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