[Zac in Japan] New Promotional Video

I had an amazing time in Japan. Some of the things I got to learn about while I was there were how to film and edit videos. One of the days, Shinya took Terry and me to a park close to Rewind to teach me how to shoot a good clip video. We spent the whole afternoon filming, and later we edited the video back at Rewind. There are many different angles and slow motion shots in this video that add very cool effects. Some of the tricks in this video are old tricks that you have probably seen before if you have seen my videos, but there are also some new tricks and combos in the video that I hope to use in future yo-yo contests. This video was filmed and edited by Shinya. Please give us a comment to tell us what you think. Enjoy the video!

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Shipping Manager and head of customer service at Yo-Yo USA. Zac is the 2014 US National Champion in 4A (Off String), a member of Team Duncan, and an instructor at Chico Yo-Yo Club. When not playing yo-yo, Zac enjoys playing video games and spending time with his family.