CLYW – Big Dipper & Borealis (2nd run) available!

CLYW - Big Dipper
CLYW – Big Dipper

2015 World champion Zach Gormley’s new signature yo-yo available today!

This competition-ready plastic return top is the newest signature model for 2015 World YoYo Champion Zach Gormley, and we think it’s one of our coolest models to date. The Big Dipper can handle pretty much anything you can think of, and is truly worthy of Zach’s name. The Big Dipper is based on the Borealis, the metal return top that helped Zach take his first World title in 2015. The design has been changed and tweaked to reproduce well in plastic, and brand new artwork by Edmonton designer Mike Lundy finishes the whole thing off.

Zach loves it, the team loves it, and we think YOU are gonna love this return top! We’ll announce a release date as soon as it’s been finalized. In the meantime, check out the specs and more pics below and get ready for your new favorite everyday throw.


CLYW - Borealis
CLYW – Borealis

2nd run (Blizzard, Blue Lagoon, Confetti, Zach Gormley Edition, Golden Hour, Northern Lights, Black Bip Bop!, Ash Berry) available.

Golden Hour is Alec Campbell Edition.

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