YoYoJoker’s Vortex, Customizable Bags, Spindle case, Luminous Ring Weight, & Black Cotton Glove

YoYoJoker – Vortex, Customizable Yo-Yo Bag (Joker Edition), Customizable Yo-Yo Bag (Standard Set), Spindle Case 65mm L size, Luminous Ring Weight (For Alternative) restocked!

We also have restocked Black Cotton Glove.

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REWIND's Shibuya staff. A strong force within the yo-yo community since the 1997 Hyper Yo-Yo Boom, Jun has made friends all over the world through the power of Yo-Yo. A member of Team YoYoJam from 2002-2015, he won 2nd place at the 2003 World Championship in the 3A division. He runs the Shibuya Yo-Yo Club. He loves music and going for walks.