REWIND Women Yo-Yo Video Contest


REWIND Women Yo-Yo Video Contest

Our next video contest is…
The [REWIND Women Yo-Yo Video Contest]!
One of the most wonderful things about yo-yo is that it’s an activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, nationalities, and genders. This may be an obvious statement, but yo-yoing is most definitely NOT just for guys. There are so many awesome lady players out there and the Women’s Division at this year’s World Yo-Yo Contest in Prague proves they’ve got the skills. Despite that, we don’t see too many women in yo-yo clip videos or up on the contest stage. Thus, this REWIND Video Contest is just for you, ladies!

Not only do we like to see more women playing yo-yo, but we would like to see more of you competing on stage! As a Special Award this time, we will sponsor the chosen winner for one official regional contest and pay their competition entry fee for one division.
(Of course, even if you win the Special Award, whether you choose to compete or not is up to you!)

Sound good? Come check out the details below!



– The yo-yo player featured in the video must be a woman (the photographer and/or video editor may be of any gender. Also, people of any gender may appear in the video, but the main focus of the video should be on the featured woman player).

– You may use yo-yos by any maker in your video.

– You may do any style of yo-yo play you wish (1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, or any mixture of styles, or any style not listed here)

– The entry period is from October 24th until November 16th, 2014.

– The video contest judges will be looking at the level of difficulty of tricks, originality, composition of the video, etc.

– The Special Award will be voted on by the judges, and may or may not have any relation to the above judging criteria.

– After uploading your video, fill in the contest entry form with your full name (if you instead wish to go by a nickname, please also input that into the entry form), email address, and the link to your video on YouTube.

Video Guidelines

– Upload your video to YouTube and set it to the “public” setting (please disable the 3D setting).

– The video must be 2 minutes or less in length.

– Please insert the video contest logo at the very beginning and end of your video. You can download the logo here: [1920×1080] [1280×720]

– Please title your video “REWIND Women Yo-Yo Video Contest – (Entrant’s name/nickname)”
*The entrant’s name or nickname must should be in English alphabet letters.

– Please tag the video with “REWIND” and “Yo-Yo”.

– Please post this link in the video description:

– By submitting a video to the contest, you acknowledge that we may be permitted to introduce and/or use your video on our main website, Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media or promotional platforms.


Grand Prize (one winner): A free yo-yo of your choice currently on sale at REWIND (under $200 USD)

Special Award (one or more winners):
– REWIND Video Contest special edition wooden yo-yo
– REWIND apparel
– Official Regional Contest Entry Fee
— REWIND will pay your competition entry fee for one Division at one official regional contest in your appropriate country/region.
— You may choose which Division you wish to enter (1A-5A)
— You must wear your REWIND apparel on stage.
— The entry fee is non-transferable. If you win this award and choose not to compete we will not provide the fee.
— If you choose not not compete we will still send you the other prizes (Video Contest special yo-yo and REWIND apparel).

Winner Announcement

The video contest winners will be announced on REWIND TV near the end of November.

You’ve got until November 16th. We hope to see your videos soon!

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