[Zac & Gentry Japan Trip: Day 4] Welcome to Japan!

Today we slept in till 12:00. We needed it. We both think our Jetlag is going away, and we are having more fun every day we are in Japan. While practicing, Zac ran through his Worlds finals routine almost flawlessly, his best yet.


The Rewind family held a welcoming party for us. Now we have officially met all of the Rewind staff and family. They are all so friendly and fun to be around. We were honored to be so warmly welcomed into Japan, and also the Rewind family. We also celebrated three time World Yo-Yo Champion Rei Iwakura’s birthday. To finish off the night, we went to a Japanese Karaoke box. This was the first time we did Karaoke. We absolutely killed “Boyfriend” by Justin Bieber, and a few other songs. We both thought it was really fun and entertaining, especially Hiro’s rapping, and Hilary’s “Super Bass” performance. Mad skills, and Props to Hiro and Hilary.



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