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2019 JN Prediction Giveaway

If you are the best predictor for the 2019 Japan National Yo-Yo Contest (JN), you can win a great prize!
The three best predictors will win! If there are more than 3, we’ll choose the 3 winners randomly amongst them.
We will be contacting the winners by e-mail, so please be sure to enter with an e-mail address you check often!

Just for entering, all predictors will get a 10% OFF Coupon Code for REWIND and YOYOUSA!

*Excludes new, limited and sale items.
You can get the coupon when you submit your prediction. Don’t miss it!

1st place – US$50 gift certificate to REWIND Worldwide or YOYOUSA
2nd place (2 winners) – US$30 gift certificate to REWIND Worldwide or YOYOUSA
All predictors – 10% OFF coupon code to REWIND Worldwide or YOYOUSA

[How to Join]
1. Like our Facebook page.
2. Like & share the post of prediction giveaway.
3. Input this entry form.
4. Win the prize!!

[2019 Japan National Website]

[Prediction Period]
June 21th, 24:00 (Japan Time)

If you enter more than once, we will only count the latest entry (it’s for preventing multi-entry).

Good luck!!



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Who is the winner of 1A?
Akira NambaKohei NishimuraToru MiyazakiIzuru HasumiRyuichi NakamuraShion ArayaOther

Who is the winner of 2A?
Hajime SakauchiAkira KatoYuki TakamiKiwamu EbataArata ImaiTakuma YamamotoOther

Who is the winner of 3A?
Takumi YasumotoYuki FujisawaYuto YamaguchiMizuki TakimotoMinato FurutaTomoya KuritaOther

Who is the winner of 4A?
Shotaro MasudaTakumi YasumotoRyo OishiTsubasa OnishiYuki UchidaRei IwakuraOther

Who is the winner of 5A?
Naoki UemaeShigehiro YamadaYoshihiro AbeNaoya TakeuchiHideo IshidaOther

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[Spring String CAMPAIGN] Value Set with Strings


Our popular string set campaign is back! Buy a yo-yo and get a great deal on string. Pick up a bunch of your favorite or try something new. It’s up to you!

Campaign Details:
If you order a yo-yo that is worth $20 or more, you can order string with 20% discount!

For example, if you order a yo-yo (over $20) & Kitty String ×100 (4 qty), you can get a $15.19 discount! The discount is applied automatically by our shopping cart system.

Here are strings subject to the discount.


Campaign Period

Until April. 22, 1:00 pm (Japan Time)

Enjoy shopping and practicing. 🙂

EYYC 2019 Freestyle Videos

EYYC 2019 1A Finals

1st Palatynski Kacper

2nd Mordoch Tal
3rd Malik Michael
4th Sec Tony
5th Tudjarov Konstantin

EYYC 2019 2A Finals

1st Chan Chun Hay

2nd Racek Matyas
3rd Nemeth Mark

EYYC 2019 3A

1st Sabatini Lorenzo

2nd Gudmundsson Pall
3rd Langley Stephen

EYYC 2019 4A

1st Prochazka Fery

2nd Godet Quentin
3rd Sabatini Lorenzo

EYYC 2019 5A

1st Kavka Petr

2nd Kollar Viktor
3rd Szilagyi Gabor

EYYC 2019 1A Open

1st Cooper Keiran

2nd Flaherty Daniel
3rd Baskin Remy

EYYC 2019 1A Women

1st Kamenska Veronika

2nd Stanislawska Dominika
3rd Mirtse Kori

EYYC 2019 1A Junior

1st Kabelka Lukas

2nd Nentchev Ogi
3rd Dolejs Jakub

First ever Iwakura City Kids Yo-Yo Contest!

Iwakura City and REWIND partnered up to organize a city-wide kids event on March 21.

Many local kids and parents showed up and enjoyed a day with yo-yo!

REWIND has been working together with Iwakura City, our hometown, to promote yo-yo as one of the many charms of the city itself.

Last year, we gave away Sakura Stream yo-yos to all the 4th grade students in Iwakura and had a performance and teaching session in all five elementary schools in the city.

*Sakura Stream is the yo-yo we developed and produced with Iwakura city and Kurimoto, a plastic molding company in Iwakura.

This event is one program of the “Yo-Yo Town, Iwakura” Project.

Everyone enjoyed many yo-yo games and activities.

We had a teaching session. There were many first-timers there and they enjoyed their first yo-yo experience.

With the experienced kids, we practiced basic moves through mini games.

Iwakura City Mayor, Katsurao Kubota, came and gave a speech.

Team battle! Team representatives competed on stage and showed off their yo-yo skills.

Parents fight! Kids were so excited to cheer on their own parents who were on their same team.

In the main division, Basic Compulsory Tricks, we had three kids tie and had a tie breaker!

Koki Iwata won the main game! He didn’t do well in the last two contests (2018 Japan Junior and 2019 Central Japan), so he finally did it on his third try! Congratulations!

On top of that, Koki’s father also won Throwdown Sudden-death. Koki’s younger brother also won Throwdown Sudden-death. All three won their games!

There were some kids who did well and some who didn’t, but everyone enjoyed and showed their smiles at the end!

It was our first contest specifically for this age group, but thanks to all the participants’ and staff’s help, we could have a successful event. Thank you!

Also, big thanks to Iwakura City and Sightseeing Committee, and Iwakura Rotary Club for funding this event.

Next season we will also have a lot of programs and events coming to promote our own city as “Yo-Yo Town, Iwakura.”

Our goal is for everyone in the city to be able to play yo-yo!