YoYoFactory : Will [FEATURED PRODUCTS from Tokyo Shibuya Store]

The signature model “Will” of 2013 Japan National 1A Champion, Akitoshi Tokubuchi (Team YoYoFactory / Sochi Company), returns in 2023 as a newly updated model. This model, which is very good as a competitive yo-yo for players at the forefront of competition, has evolved to an even higher level after 2 years since the last version. There are other bimetal models that combine an extra super duralumin body with stainless steel rims, but the unique design of the “Will” makes it a flexible yo-yo that can be used for all kinds of string tricks.

The changes from the previous model are an improved rotational force and stability and ease of play during rejection tricks. The weight is 0.7g heavier, but there is no dull sensation due to the heavier weight; rather, it keeps a light operational feel. In addition, the height and slope of the body step have been changed, and changes have also been made to the stainless steel rim, with a slightly rounded outer circumference. Upon closer inspection, a number of other points have been improved as well.

When talking about “Will,” one thing that is undeniable is Akitoshi’s own freestyle. Not only his title as a champion, but also his stable freestyle itself, which is appealing and entertains the audience, is supported by “Will.” Not only is Akitoshi a great player who draws out the full potential of his yo-yo, but it is also because of “Will” that he is able to perform such a high-level freestyle. Please check out “Will” while watching his freestyle at the most recent 2023WJ contest.

2023WJ Final 1A 01 Akitoshi Tokubuchi

Original article written by Jun Aramaki
Translated by Rei Iwakura

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