REWIND Yo-Yo Photo Contest!

REWIND Yo-Yo Photo Contest on Instagram

Japan Nationals is now over and we still have some time until the next big contest, the Asian Pacific Yo-Yo Championships.

To fill the time between, we thought we’d have a contest that we’ve always wanted to do but didn’t have the chance until now. Say hello to Yo-Yo Store REWIND’s very first Photo Contest, using everyone’s favorite photo sharing service, Instagram.

The theme this time is:
“Current Favorite Throw”

Whether it’s brand new, one you’ve had for a while, or recently re-discovered, use your photo to tell us what you love about your current favorite yo-yo. Be creative! Give your favorite model all the attention it deserves and show everyone how great it truly is.

– Use Instagram to upload your photo.
– Yo-Yo must be currently in-stock at Yo-Yo Store REWIND (this does not include discontinued models)
– Something with a REWIND logo, of your choosing, must also be in the picture (Ex. sticker, pin badge, t-shirt, hat, tote bag, towel, REWIND version yo-yo, etc.)
– The official hashtag “#yoyophotorw(1/2)” must be included in the post caption.
*The last character (the number) in the hashtag will change for each of the two entry periods. Please see the Entry Period details below and be careful when entering.
– Your yo-yo’s model name must be included in the post caption.
– You may enter the contest as many times as you like!

Entry Period
This time we will have 2 entry periods, which means you will have double the chance to win!

1. 5/27 – 6/2 #yoyophotorw1
2. 6/3 – 6/9 #yoyophotorw2

Prize Information
– Each Entry Period, 3 winners will be chosen for the Excellence Prize of a 10% gift certificate to the Yo-Yo Store REWIND online store (6 winners total).

Winners will be announced in our store blog at the end of each Entry Period.

As a thank you from us for participating in the Photo Contest, We will give 5% gift certificate to the Yo-Yo Store REWIND online store as a present!
(We will send it via Instagram)

We’re excited to see your Favorite Throws!

[List of Current Entrants (#yoyophotorw1)]

[List of Current Entrants (#yoyophotorw2)]

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