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[National Yo-Yo Day 2021] Review Campaign / Get a 10% off Coupon!

In honor of National Yo-Yo Day, we’re having a Review Campaign, and you can get a coupon for our store just for participating!

What is National Yo-Yo Day?

June 6th is the birthday of Duncan Toy Company founder Donald F. Duncan, who is considered to be one of the main forces in popularizing yo-yos in the 20th century. Thus, June 6th is designated as National Yo-Yo Day in the United States, and has come to be celebrated worldwide.

(By the way, in Japan, National Yo-Yo Day is celebrated on April 4th because the word for four “yon” can also be read as “yo.” 4/4 = Yo-Yo!)

To celebrate National Yo-Yo Day, we are doing a Review Campaign!

At REWIND we have a function where you can submit your own review of a product.

We want to see what you think about your favorite yo-yos!

Please choose from the list of yo-yos here. -> REWIND WORLDWIDE / REWIND USA (REWIND WORLDWIDE) (REWIND USA)
(List of all yo-yos in our store)

*In order to submit a review, you will need to have (or make) a user account on the REWIND web store.

Yo-Yos You Can Review

All full yo-yos on the REWIND web store.
*Yo-Yos that are marked as “Sold Out” are ok.
*Yo-Yos only found in the museum section are not applicable.

Review Application Period

From Tuesday, June 4, 2021, 1pm (13:00) JST
Until Sunday, June 27, 2021, 24:00 JST

Reviews submitted after the end of our last review campaign can also be subject to the campaign. However, yo-yos that have since been removed from the linked page (yo-yo list) will not be counted.

Participation Award

If you submit a review during the application period, you will receive a 10% OFF coupon that can be used at both REWIND Worldwide and REWIND USA.

*After we check your review submission, we will send the coupon to the email address registered in your REWIND web store account. Since we are checking submissions manually, your coupon will arrive a few days after you send your review.

*The coupon can not be used with set, new, and special items.

*The coupon expires on Tuesday, June 30, 2021, at 24:00 JST.

Some Things to Note

Reviews can be submitted by anyone who has registered an account at the REWIND web store.
That means we need to check each submission before it is published on our web site (and subject to the campaign).
Please note that it may take a few days for you to receive your coupon after submitting your review.

Submissions that are not subject to a Participation Award (Coupon)

– Reviews that are too short (ex. A single word or short phrase like “amazing” “cool” or “easy to use”)
– Reviews that are unrelated to the yo-yo itself (ex. Reviews about the shop, shipping, service, etc.)
– Reviews that are submitted without a REWIND web store account (Since we don’t know how to contact you, we can’t send you a coupon.)
– Reviews that contain inappropriate content, etc.

If you haven’t gotten your coupon yet…

If your review has been published but you haven’t received your coupon, please first check that there is not a problem with the email address registered to your REWIND web store account, before contacting us.
– Check that your email address was not mistyped.
– Check to make sure emails from REWIND are not being filtered out of your inbox.
(It is possible that your email provider may have flagged emails from REWIND as spam/junk mail and that they are being sent to your spam/junk folder or deleted.)
*If your review has also not been published, it is still being reviewed. It will take a few days for submissions to be checked, so we ask for your patience.

How to make a REWIND Account

1. Select “Create an Account”

2. Please fill in all fields correctly.

3. Decide your sign-in email address (REWIND will use this as your contact address) and choose a password.
4. Select the “Create New Account” button.

5. If you are sent to the “My Account” page, your account has been registered!

How to Submit Your Review

1. Select “Sign In” and sign in to your REWIND account.

2. Type in your sign-in email address and submit your password.
3. Select “Sign In”

4. Choose the yo-yo you want to review from the list of yo-yos here. -> REWIND WORLDWIDE / REWIND USA (REWIND WORLDWIDE) (REWIND USA)
(List of all yo-yos in our store)
Select the link to the yo-yo you chose to open its product page.

5. Go down to the section titled “Reviews” (under the “More Information” section). Type in your Nickname (name you want to use), Title, and Review.
6. Select “Submit Review”

*To prevent spam, our staff will manually check all reviews before they are published.

We hope you enjoy participating in this fun campaign. We’re waiting for your reviews! (REWIND WORLDWIDE) (REWIND USA)

(List of all yo-yos in our store)


REWIND 11th Anniversary Campaign

March 3, 2021, is Yo-Yo Store REWIND’s 11th Anniversary and our Shibuya Store’s 5th Anniversary.

Wow, 11 years! The past year was full of new challenges but we made it through thanks to the encouragement and support of all our customers. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!

To celebrate our anniversary and to show our appreciation to you all, we are having an 11th Anniversary Campaign.

[Campaign Period]

Until: Wednesday, March 31, Japan Time

[Presents for Orders Over a Fixed Amount]

Orders Over $100 – Free REWIND 10th Anniversary Design Eco Bag!

This reusable shopping bag features our special 2021 anniversary logo. Its easy to fold and compact design makes it super handy! Put it in your pocket, bag, or car, and it’s ready to use whenever you need it.

Right now, place an order of $100 or more (not including the price of this bag) during the campaign period and get one FREE!

We hope you’ll take advantage of this special giveaway!

  • We’re sorry but this giveaway is only available for orders placed to REWIND Japan and Worldwide (REWIND USA is not included).
  • Promotional stock of this item is limited, and this promotion will end when it runs out.
  • You must add this item to your cart to receive it. If your order meets the target price, the price of this item will be automatically subtracted from your payment total.

<REWIND Eco Bag (Anniversary Logo)>

Orders Over $150 – Free REWIND Logo Design Pouch!

By popular demand, we brought back our REWIND logo design yo-yo pouch!
This time it features a stylish new logo.
Fill it up with your favorite yo-yos, string, and maintenance goods. Use it to keep everything you need in one place, or have ready to throw into your bag for when you’re on the go!

Some bag usage ideas:

And now, place an order of $150 or more (not including the price of this pouch) during the campaign period and get one FREE!

We hope you’ll take advantage of this special giveaway!

  • We’re sorry but this giveaway is only available for orders placed to REWIND Japan and Worldwide (REWIND USA is not included).
  • Promotional stock of this item is limited, and this promotion will end when it runs out.
  • You must add this item to your cart to receive it. If your order meets the target price, the price of this item will be automatically subtracted from your payment total.

<REWIND Logo Pouch>

[RULES for Presents for Orders Over a Fixed Amount]

You may take advantage of this campaign and receive all possible gifts. If you place an order over $150 you can get the gift Pouch, and Eco Bag.

Presents will only be given out if you add them to your cart. If your order meets the correct requirements (target price), the price of the item(s) will be deducted from your payment total. If the present is not added to your cart, it will not be added to your order.

Limit one present set per order. If you wish to receive a second set, please place another order.

If you forgot to add the present(s) to your cart, please message us by contact form or email, or cancel your order and submit a new one with the presents added.

[Free REWIND Pin Badge with every order!]

Our traditional anniversary pin badges are back for another round!
This time, each design is based on a REWIND staff member and their favorite and/or signature yo-yo. If you look closely, you’ll notice that their autograph is also included on the badge design!

  • We’re sorry but this giveaway is only available for orders placed to REWIND Japan and Worldwide (REWIND USA is not included).
  • Limit one free Pin Badge (random design) per order shipment.
  • Stock of this item is limited, and this promotion will end when it runs out.

Raffle drawing! Win a Refund of Your Order Coupon or a REWIND Anniversary Logo Yo-Yo???

This time we’re raffling off chances to win a Refund of Your Order Coupon and a special REWIND Anniversary Logo Yo-Yo.
Place an order at REWIND (Japan, Worldwide, USA) from March 1st until March 31st and submit your raffle entry form (at the bottom of this page) to be entered to win!

・[1st Prize: 10 winners] A coupon for the purchase price of your eligible order & one REWIND Anniversary Logo Yo-Yo
・[2nd Prize: 100 winners] One REWIND Anniversary Logo Yo-Yo

  • Winners will be drawn from the combined pool of REWIND Japan, Worldwide, and USA eligible orders.
About the Raffle Drawing:
  • The raffle will be drawn by order number.
  • It is possible for one person to enter the raffle more than once.
  • In the case of multiple entries, in order for each to be eligible, you must resubmit the raffle entry form again for each eligible order (ex. For 3 orders, please submit the entry form once with each order, for a total of 3 times.)
  • The Refund of your Order Coupon can be used at REWIND online stores only (Japan, Worldwide, USA).
  • For winners of the REWIND Anniversary Logo Yo-Yo, because it needs to be shipped to you, we will send you a link to “purchase” the yo-yo for $0. Please add it to your next order at REWIND, and we will send the prize along with your order.


We are so thankful to have made it through another year, especially considering the current global circumstances. We hope you’re all staying safe and happy, too. We look forward to working hard to keep bringing you an even more fulfilling life with yo-yo in the next year and beyond.

So much love to you, from all of us here at Yo-Yo Store REWIND!

[REWIND Only] New Year Pixel Bearing Giveaway Campaign

Celebrate the New Year with a fresh bearing for your yo-yo! We are giving away Pixel Bearings for free! You can get one for each yo-yo over $80 purchased.

For example, if you buy two yo-yos priced over $80 USD you will receive TWO free Bearings.

*First come first served basis. Do not wait to place an order!
*Excludes Sale/Set/Special Items.
**Not the order total. To get a free bearing, a yo-yo must be over $80 (buying a $50 yo-yo and a $30 yo-yo does not qualify). If you buy two $80+ yo-yos, you can get two free bearings, and so on.

Event Period

Until 2021 Jan 13th 10:00am (Japan Time)

-or- Until all the campaign bearings have been given away.

Get ’em while they’re hot!

YO-YO VOTE 2020 – You can get a 10% off coupon code just for participating!

We’re nearing the year’s end, so that means you’ve already had almost all of 2020 to enjoy yo-yoing! Wow! Tell us how you feel about your yo-yo year and participate in our fourth annual Yo-Yo Vote 2020!

Please let us know your favorite yo-yo you used this year.
Be sure to give us all the details on why you would recommend that yo-yo to others. We will use your comments to put together an article so anyone can check to see what was great about each model.

This time, just for participating, each person who submits a voting form will receive a 10% off Coupon Code useable on REWIND World Wide or REWIND USA! (The coupon code will be active starting from Dec. 9 until Dec. 15 (Japan Time))
*Does not apply to special/limited/set/sale items

We’ll compile all of your votes and make a ranking. After that, depending on the number of votes or quality of your reviews, we may decide to do another campaign based on the results. Keep your eyes peeled, but for now, just vote!


Campaign Period: until December 15th, 2020,(Japan Time)

Get a head start on holiday shopping and don’t miss out on these great fall deals!

    Your Name*

    Your e-mail*

    Your Country*

    What is your best yo-yo this year?*

    Please choose from yo-yos REWIND has in stock.

    Why is it your favorite? Why would you recommend it to others?

    Tell us as much as you want.

    Which yo-yo do you want most now?

    Any suggestions for REWIND?

    CLYW x Rewind – Rewind 10th Anniversary Box will be released on Aug. 5 around 8:30 pm (Japan Time)!

    For the past few years we have released a special box on the occasion of REWIND’s anniversary. Each year has been different, but we have collaborated with many different brands to bring you new and limited models at bargain prices.

    We originally planned to release this year’s box in March to celebrate our anniversary, but as you know, the world had other plans. Due to the spread of the coronavirus, things were delayed far more than we expected.

    Better late than never, though! This year’s anniversary box is a collaboration with Canadian return top brand CLYW.
    We could make this special box possible thanks to our relationship with CLYW as their official distributor for Asia.


    About CLYW:

    CLYW is a popular yo-yo brand from Canada. Owner Chris Mikulin started making yo-yos in 2006, focusing on the design, coloring, naming and packaging to create a whole product experience. CLYW is a design trendsetter, responsible for the popular splash coloring treatment. The yo-yos are well known for their performance, making frequent appearances on the contest scene. Members include World Champion Zach Gormley and Canadian National Champion Harrison Lee. REWIND (Yo-Yo Company Inc.) has been the official CLYW distributor in Asia since 2017.

    This time, the main item in the anniversary box is the brand-new, NOT-YET-RELEASED first bi-metal signature yo-yo of 2015 1A World Champion, Zach Gormley, “Wish!”

    Zach Gormley

    Photo from CLYW Official Page

    Born in Colorado, USA, on Feb. 17, 1996
    CLYW Sponsored Member

    He is one of the most praised 1A players in the history of modern yo-yo competition, famous for his incredibly complicated, yet speedy and precise play. When he started competing in contests rumors were flying. “Now there’s a kid who plays like a champ!” “He will be a world champion one day!” As everyone expected, he raised his rank in contests every year, winning US Nationals in 2012, then 44CLASH and US Nationals in 2014. Then he conquered the most competitive contest in yo-yo history up until that point: the World Yo-Yo Contest 2015 in Tokyo, Japan! Today, many top players are still influenced and inspired by his creative tricks and combos.

    Recently he hasn’t competed in any big contests, but when he posts a yo-yo video the internet goes wild with speculation, wondering “Is Zach back on the contest scene?!” and “Can we finally see his freestyle again?!” Many yo-yo fans are looking forward seeing him on-stage again. This release of a brand new bi-metal might very well be a sign of his return.

    Winning Freestyle from 2015 World Yo-Yo Contest (Tokyo, JAPAN)

    In the past, there have been a few signature models for Zach Gormley: the Arctic Circle 1 & 2, Borealis, and Big Dipper. Wish marks his very first bi-metal signature model.

    We are excited and humbled to be able to release Wish in our 10th Anniversary Box as its world debut!


    Weight: 65.3g
    Diameter: 56.41mm
    Width: 43.91mm

    The Wish in this anniversary box is a special logo edition for REWIND’s 10th Anniversary.

    Would it really be a “box” with just one yo-yo? Of course there’s more inside! Let’s check the contents of this anniversary box!

    ・Wish Anniversary Box Limited Logo x 1
    ・Big Dipper Fool’s Gold (Outlet) x 1
    ・Pixel Bearing x 2
    ・Snow Tire Pads (pair) x 2
    ・REWIND 10th Anniversary Limited Pouch -or- Tote Bag (random) x 1

    *Color will be chosen randomly.

    The CLYW plastic model Big Dipper is one of the best performing yo-yos among current plastic models. The one in the anniversary box is Fool’s Gold (the name for outlet models at CLYW), but it is only because of a slight vibe or small color imperfection. There are no large play issues. Big Dipper is also Zach Gormley’s signature model!

    CLYW created the high performance “Pixel Bearing” with iYoYo. We included 2 of them and 2 pairs of replacement Snow Tire Pads. Of course, you can use Pixel Bearings with any other C size bearing yo-yos!

    Finally, the box comes with one special pouch or tote bag made specially for REWIND’s 10th Anniversary.

    The Anniversary Box price will be $134.99, which is the same as the suggested retail price for Wish, but comes with a bunch of extra goodies. What a deal!

    We will release the box at around 8:30 pm on August 5 (Japan Time).

    The promotional video for Wish by Zach Gormley will be released soon. Please follow CLYW’s social media if you have not yet. You don’t want to miss this one!






    Also, please follow our new YouTube account for our English speaking customers!

    REWIND YouTube Channel