Staff’s Choice Summer 2022!

This is the third week of the Super Summer Campaign 2022.
We decided the sale products in real time on REWIND TV.

We held a poll for our viewers on our YouTube Live in Japan, and decided the Top 5 (which will be on sale) among the yo-yos our staff chose individually.



  • Each Rewind staff member picked 5 yo-yos as their favorites of Summer 2022!
  • Staff introduced each model and talked about why they liked them so much.
  • The viewers of the YouTube live voted on the yo-yos they liked (or would recommend) after listening to the explanation by Rewind staff.
  • At the end, the top 5 yo-yos will be selected for the campaign!

The campaign will be held only for string trick yo-yos to make it easier to compare the results (no off string or looping yo-yos here).

Results (They will be on sale at a special discount price!)

No. 1 C3yoyodesign – Hydrogen Crash

No. 2 YoYoFactory – Will

No. 3 C3yoyodesign – Progressiver

No. 4 YoYoFactory – Metavity

No. 5 C3yoyodesign – Rooc

Each Staff’s Choice

*Not all models here are discounted.

Shinya Kido

  1. C3yoyodesign – Rooc
  2. C3yoyodesign – Krown Ti
  3. C3yoyodesign – Progressiver
  4. C3yoyodesign – Diganma Crash
  5. Top Yo – Cloud

Kazuki Okada

  1. YoYoFactory – Metavity
  2. YoYoFactory – Essence
  3. YoYoFactory – Will
  4. C3yoyodesign – Hydrogen Crash
  5. YoYoFactory – Shutter JDS

Hironori Mii

  1. SUS YOYOMECHANICS – Transmission
  2. YoYoFactory – Metavity
  3. REWIND – Sakura Stream Pro
  4. Duncan – Freehand ONE
  5. C3yoyodesign – Bastet 2
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Author of this article

One of the top 1A players in Japan, Kazuki was the 2009 and 2010 Japan National runner-up in the 1A Division, and is a JYYF official judge. He is the older brother of Naoto Okada (2009, 2011 World Champion in 4A). When he's not playing yo-yo, he loves reading books and playing with his three kids.