Jun Aramaki Birthday Campaign & New PV!

Hi, it’s REWIND store manager Jun!

On June 3rd I turned 30!
I don’t really feel any different on having entered my thirties, but we started REWIND when I was 25 so I was surprised to realize that it’s already been five years since then!

Just like Shinya, we released my PV on my birthday. I’m the type of person that doesn’t like to stand out much so I’d avoided making one but…here it is! My first PV in REWIND’s 5 year history.

In addition to the PV, we will also be doing a special, limited time Birthday Campaign (June 3 – June 13).

For a limited time, we are offering some special sets to get you started on my favorite play style, 3A, that I personally put together. In total there are 6 sets. All of them are ones that I actually use when I practice and perform and are yo-yos that I truly recommend. Since they’re sets of two yo-yos, we made the total price a little lower than if you were to buy them one by one. I also equipped the yo-yos in each set with the Kitty String I usually use, cut to the length I use it at. You might be surprised at the short length.

For the set of YoYoJam Classics only, I upgraded this tug response yo-yo to be bind response by exchanging the bearing and pads.

If you’ve ever wanted to try 3A this is a pretty good opportunity to start. Why not give it a try?

The Birthday Campaign page is HERE.

-Jun Aramaki

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