[REWIND Instock] Turning Point – Colony, Anubis



Like an outer rim version of the Palpitation, Colony is Takeshi Matsuura’s second Japan-based bimetal signature model.

Aside from being a 5A world champion, Takeshi has also held the Japanese 1A championship title for consecutive years. His new signature yo-yo, the Colony is very similar to the Palpitation, with almost the same size and shape and weight, but the outer rim makes it a completely different beast. Designed to extend sleep time for long, complex tricks, the rim itself extends deep into body, giving it the signature power and stability of bimetal yo-yos.

Check out the side profile, the design is meant to give you the maximum amount of power and stability in the narrowest body possible, to aid in complex and intricate string tricks where the yo-yo must pass through small spaces.

This is the yo-yo Takeshi used for his 1A freestyle at the 2016 World Yo-Yo Contest in Cleveland.

Weight (g)     66.3
Diameter (mm)     56.03
Width (mm)     42.95



This bimetal marvel is based on the Basilisk.

This model is just a little bit over full sized. The shape is based on the Basilisk, and at a glance it looks like an outer rim bimetal variation of the Basilisk light. Thanks to the bimetal design, the Anubis has impressive power that lasts for days, but still is easy to control. The stainless steel rim offers stability you can rely on.

The Anubis is a real masterpiece, the fruition of champion input, and has become a favorite throw for several sponsored members, including 2015 3A Japan champion Tomoya Kurita and six-time 5A world champion, Takeshi Matsuura.

Weight (g)     66.3
Diameter (mm)     58.08
Width (mm)     42.84

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