[Start Right Away] How to Prepare / Easy Tricks

Now that you have your yo-yo, you need to get ready to play.
Let’s get this yo-yo set up just for you.


There are 4 steps you’ll need to follow in order to get ready to play yo-yo.

1. How to shorten the string
2. How to wind the string
3. How to put the string on your finger
4. How to hold your yo-yo

Each page has a video tutorial, pictures, and an easy to understand how-to explanation.If you set up your yo-yo correctly it will be easier to do tricks, so make sure you pay attention to each step.

Once your yo-yo is ready to go, let’s try some basic tricks.
First up is “Gravity Pull.”

Now that you can make your yo-yo go up and down (Gravity Pull), let’s try a “Sleeper.”

If you’re having a hard time getting your yo-yo to sleep, check out “Throwdown” to learn how to throw correctly.

If you’re able to do Sleeper, next you can try this famous trick.

Check this Trick Data Base when you’re ready to learn more tricks.

At REWIND INFO BASE we have a huge collection of trick tutorials, from the easiest, to the most difficult, and everything in between.
There are more than 1000 trick videos so you’ll never run out of tricks to learn.
In fact, yo-yo players are pretty creative so new tricks are being invented all the time. Of course, that means they’re not all listed here. There are truly a countless number of yo-yo tricks and possibilities for tricks in existence, so you can have an endless amount of fun practicing your skills and playing yo-yo with your friends.

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