[Get a Yo-Yo] How to Choose


Now that you have learned a little more about yo-yo, are you ready to get started?
Let’s get you set up and ready to play!


First of all, these are the most important things you will need.


Of course, you can’t start playing yo-yo without a yo-yo, but you’re also going to go through a lot of string while playing, so it’s good to have some ready.
*You will need special string exclusively for yo-yo use. Never use kite string, yarn, or any other type of string with your yo-yo.

With a yo-yo and string you’re pretty much ready to go, but it will be even more convenient if you have…

Instruction DVD

With your yo-yo, string and DVD, you’re perfectly prepared to start learning how to play!

However, our store has at least 10 types of string and just as many DVDs, and  over 500 different yo-yos to choose from.
choice-yo-yoIt may seem difficult to choose from all that selection, but we’ve got you covered! Our staff is here to recommend the best place to start.

This set comes with a great starter yo-yo, the Replay, 10 of our most popular and easy to use string, and REWIND-made Yo-Yo Instruction DVD “For Beginners.”

There are several other yo-yos that are great for beginners, so if you’re interested and looking for something different check out this page: Beginner Yo-Yo (REWIND) (REWIND USA).

Once you’ve picked out a set or your favorite yo-yo and string, now it’s time to go to the checkout.It will take about 5 to 10 minutes to checkout and get your yo-yo started on it’s way to you.
*Kids, please ask your parents for help and permission before ordering.