2022 US National Yo-Yo Contest Freestyle Videos



1st Evan Nagao
2nd Leo Chan
3rd Hunter Feuerstein
4th Gavin Hubner
5th Tylor McCallumore
6th Kris Toledo
7th Chandler Steele
8th Patrick Canny
9th Adrian Velez
10th Mark Mangarin
11th Philip Pacific
12th Blaise Becker
13th Justin Dauer
14th Ty Goldman
15th Lucas Decker
16th Isaac Viteri
17th Nathan Joseph
18th Ian Tenney
19th Collin Ellingson
20th Matthew Poon
21st West Way


1st John Ando
2nd Connor Scholten
3rd Dennis Shatter
4th Ben McPhee
5th Matthew Szeto


1st Alex Hattori
2nd Don Hodgkinson
3rd Aliyah Tan
4th Ian Smith
5th Daniel Walling


1st Ryan Connolly
2nd Myles Gregory
3rd Ian Smith
4th Rick Cobb


1st Jared Marcus
2nd Ian Smith
3rd Theodore Munoz

International 1A

1st Shuyun Tang
2nd Brandon Vu
3rd Paul Kerbel
4th Darrell Dai
5th Jonathan Lee
6th Ruizhe Ray Li
7th Yue Huang

Sport 1A

1st Hudson Charlap
2nd Chris Schrock
3rd Colton Clarke
4th Jerik Dalina
5th Jace Sanchez
6th Brian Trail
7th Santiago Alcocer
8th Jake Ledford
9th Reese Smedley
10th Henry Collins
11th Dexter Listavich
12th Aaron Trail
13th Frederick Hodgson
14th Harlan Agoyo
15th Jason Bumb
16th Austin Ruhlman
17th Nathan Ambuul

Sport X

1st Aaron Trail (5A)
2nd Logan Knotts (2A)
3rd Keith Conklin (2A)
4th Aaron Trail (4A)


1st Paul Yath
2nd Ben McPhee
3rd Dick Allen
4th Dave Adams
5th Hans Van Dan Elzen (YoHans)
6th John Huber

Video uploaded by
National Yo-Yo League: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBxlMhp8-IN2zmRULmhvyWQ

Contest organized by
National Yo-Yo League: https://nationalyoyocontest.com/

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