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2015EYYC Tee, C3 Wind Jacket, Accelerator (European Team Edition), & Oxygene Obsidian

Today’s new arrivals.

2015 EYYC T-shirt

Sick EYYC15 logo by Paul Escolar!
We have only Medium and Large.

Oxygene – Obsidian

This is the production version. Sold out!

YOMEGA – Yo-Yo & Kendama Holster, Yomega Yo-Yo Tool (String Cutter / Bearing Remover), and Yo-Yo Stand

Fireball and Spectrum restocked too.


C3yoyodesign – C3 Hooded Wind Jacket

C3yoyodesign – Accelerator (European Team Edition)

Hironori brings some Accelerators to Japan from EYYC2015!

Japan Technology’s Ultimate Eagle, Yomega’s Raider (Team Yomega Japan Edition), and more

Japan Technology – Ultimate Eagle, Eagle Eye, Another Eagle, Ashiru Kamui Light

Ultimate Eagle is a machined delrin body and fitted with a stainless steel weight rings.
White is new color.

Yomega – Raider (Team Yomega Japan Edition), Fireball (SG Special), NSK Micro – NSK Bearings, and Japan Manufacture – New Feeling Nylon Glove (Pair) are also back in stock.

[In Stock] Yomega x YoYoJam Firestorm, Journey, & Odyssey; Duncan MOD Spacers (SG Response); TP Leviathan 5; Yomega Raider (Team Yomega); yoyofficer Musket, Jaeger, Kilter & Lava

New arrivals!

Yomega x YoYoJam – Firestorm, Journey, & Odyssey

Three new models in the much talked about collaboration between two yo-yo giants are finally here!

Duncan – MOD Spacers (SG Response)

Here comes a new type of MOD Spacers!
They’re built for a size C bearing and SG sticker response, the most requested set up. But wait! By turning the spacers the other way they’re set for a size A bearing, so you have a lot of setting options to play with. Furthermore, it comes already equipped with a size C concave bearing so you really can’t go wrong with this MOD Spacer set.

Turning Point – Leviathan 5

New colors of the Leviathan 5 are in!
From left are Silver/Light Blue (the only multicolor option), Green, and Hot Pink.

We also got the brand new TP K-Pad in Slim Size, Soft Type.
We combined the TP K-Pad shopping pages into one, so now you can easily select the type you want from the available options (Slim, Broad, Broad (Soft), etc.).

Yomega – Raider (Team Yomega)

Raider Metal Spacers have also been restocked!

yoyofficer – Musket, Jaeger, Kilter & Lava

Four of yoyofficer’s most popular models are back in stock!
We have new colors for Jaeger and Lava, and Musket and Kilter are back in the usual colors. In addition, these Kilter have a blasted surface.