DUNCAN : Freehand ONE Neo Collection [Good For Your Yo-Yo Collection (recommended by REWIND)]

Today’s featured yo-yo under the title “Good For Your First Yo-Yo Collection (recommended by REWIND)” is DUNCAN’s Freehand ONE Neo.

The original “Neo” was one of DUNCAN’s most popular yo-yos. It had the same shape as the “Imperial”, with the original logo printed in neon colors, and was released in Japan by BANDAI as the “HYPER NEO” during the HYPER YO-YO boom in 1997.

The Duncan “Freehand ONE Neo Collection” is a self-parodying yo-yo that follows the “Neo” coloring and logo, but in a wing shape.

It is available in four colors: neon yellow, neon orange, neon pink, and neon green, with neon yellow being a lighter shade than regular yellow. Dice in the same color as each yo-yo is also included.

Original article written by Jun Aramaki
Translated by Rei Iwakura

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