2023 Arizona State Yo-Yo Contest Freestyle Videos



1st Hunter Feuerstein
2nd Kris Toledo
3rd Justin Dauer
4th Connor Sheahan
5th Ian Tenney
6th Evan Archer
7th Myles Gregory
8th Paul Wilde
9th Santiago Alcocer
10th Joshua Salazar
11th Jake Cisneros
12th Nicolaas DeYager
13th William Bryan
14th Ross Levine
15th Francis Judd
16th Austin Morris
17th Tony Song
18th Kai Tyner
19th Gavin Bryan


1st Myles Gregory
2nd Matt Szeto
3rd Teak Porter
4th Nicolaas DeYager
5th William Bryan
6th Santiago Alcocer
7th Yingjie Shen
8th Shannon Jackson
9th Joshua Szeto
10th Luke Renner

Sport Freestyle

1st Colton Clark
2nd Jerik Dalina
3rd Hy Dang
4th Isaac Szeto
5th Zack Tran
6th Judah Braselton
7th Cayden Kee
8th Reese Smedley
9th Luke Van Eyk
10th Christian Harper
11th Theo Robinson
12th Caden Rayala

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