2023NER (North East Regional YoYo Contest) Final Freestyle Videos



1st Kris Toledo
2nd Colin Beckford
3rd Chandler Steele
4th Matthew Poon
5th Brandon Vu
6th Ryan Connolly
7th Michael Kurti
8th Nathan Smith
9th Tylor McCallumore
10th Andrew Bergen
11th Daniel Gorham
12th Jerry Carboneau
13th Ryan Kim
14th Sam Bentz
15th Hugh Harrison


1st Sean de los Santos
2nd Ben Alexander
3rd Drew Buscemi
4th Sean Collins
5th Takumi Segi

1A Sport (Ages 9 & Under)

1st Pierce Boulay
2nd Michi Como
3rd Micaiah Rivera
4th Damien Oblomkov
5th Hunter Reid
6th Fox Spahr
7th Julian Alper

1A Sport (Ages 10 to 11)

1st Ian Kim
2nd Boyce Lim
3rd Jack Fitzgerald
4th Sacha Casioppo Barnes
5th Orion Sussman
6th Casey Reino
7th Aiden Goyette
8th Oliver Stoddard
9th Kabir Ahuja
10th Des Bowman
11th Eliot Platt

1A Sport (Ages 12 to 17)

1st Miles Wagner
2nd Liam Klass
3rd Sidney Ishee
4th Usayd Mian
5th Connor McCullough
6th Charles Nixon
7th Jayden Doyle
8th Gabriel Wilson

1A Sport (Ages 18 & Up)

1st Dante Salvucci
2nd Zachary Trudell
3rd Julian Soto

Video Upload
National Yo-Yo League (NYYL): https://www.youtube.com/@NationalYoYoLeague

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