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7th Anniversary SALE!

On March 3, 2017, Yo-Yo Store REWIND is turning 7 years old!
Another year has gone by, and it is all due to the support of our wonderful customers that we have come this far. Thank you!

For our 7th Anniversary Event, all items in store are discounted by 15% (except new, limited and set items) as a small token of thanks for your support.

Sale Ends:
Monday, March 6th at 1 pm (Japan Time)
Sunday, March 5th at 8 pm (PST)
Sunday, March 5th at 11 pm (EST)
Monday, March 6th at 4am (GMT)

For our 8th year REWIND has all kinds of excitement planned to bring you a wonderful life with yo-yo. There’s lots to look forward to so we hope you’ll stick around. Thanks again!

[CAMPAIGN] Value Set with Strings


Our popular string set campaign is back! Buy a yo-yo and get a great deal on string. Pick up a bunch of your favorite or try something new. It’s up to you!

Campaign Details:
If you order a yo-yo that is worth $20 or more, you can order string with 20% discount!

For example, if you order a yo-yo (over $20) & Kitty String ×100 (4 qty), you can get a $15.19 discount! The discount is applied automatically by our shopping cart system.

Here are strings subject to the discount.


Campaign Period

Until Feb. 22, 1pm (Japan Time)

Enjoy shopping and practicing. 🙂

[Shinya Kido got married! C3yoyodesign presents: 22% Discount on 7075 for 48 hours only!]


On Monday, December 12, 2006, our REWIND staff member Shinya Kido got married!

Shinya is sponsored by Hong Kong yo-yo maker C3yoyodesign, and they also make his signature model, the 7075. When the folks at C3 heard that Shinya was getting married, they wanted to do a special offer with us to celebrate the happy day.

For 48 hours only, the will be on sale at 22% off the usual price. As you may know, in Japan we love to read our numbers in different ways, for example 44 = yo-yo. In this way, 22 is commonly used to represent married couples, since a different way to read the numbers sounds like the word for that (“fuufu”).

Thus, 7075 is now 22% off for 48 hours only! Not only that, but every 7075 ordered during the campaign period will be personally tuned up and adjusted to his ideal setting by Shinya himself, and comes with an autographed signature board.

22% off on one of C3’s very best yo-yos is a deal that doesn’t come around very often. If you were thinking of getting a now’s your chance!

Congratulations, Shinya! We wish you and your wife a long and happy married life together!

December 18, 5:00pm – December 20, 5:00pm (PST)

C3yoyodesign – 7075

Island of Misfit Colors SALE


These days there are so many color variations of each model of yo-yo released. Of course it’s nice to have options, but as a store that carries yo-yos we can’t help but watch the popular colorways fly off the shelf while the less popular ones just sit there, lonely, waiting for a new friend to take them home. 🙁

Naturally, this unbalanced stock phenomenon contributes to preventing us from being able to re-stock the popular colors in the most loved yo-yo models, or even buy more new releases to bring to you when you want them.

This year we decided to pay a visit to the Island of Misfit Colors and do a sale to balance out our stock. Why not help us out by giving these great yo-yos some love and a new home!

Yo-Yos in the sale category have some of their colors deeply discounted. You may just find:

– Your favorite color on sale!
– Your dream yo-yo at a bargain price!
– A backup for your favorite model!
And so on!


Sale Period:

Wednesday, December 21, 1:00pm (Japan Time)
Tuesday, December 20, 8:00pm (PST)
Tuesday, December 20, 11:00pm (EST)
Wednesday, December 21, 4:00am (GMT)

Look through the sale and see if there’s anything that sparks your interest. Help us balance out our stock while still getting something special!

*Our sale concept is reference to the much-loved Christmas classic movie, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. If you’re not familiar, you can check out a nice summary of it

Island of Misfit Colors SALE