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10th Anniversary Campaign

March 3, 2020, is Yo-Yo Store REWIND’s 10th Anniversary and our Shibuya Store’s 4th Anniversary.
Ten whole years? That’s a full decade! We couldn’t have made it this far without your support, so we’d like to express our utmost thanks.
To celebrate our anniversary and to show our appreciation to our customers, we will have a 10th Anniversary Campaign.

[Campaign Period]

Until: Tuesday, March 31, Japan Time

[Presents for Orders Over a Fixed Amount]

Orders Over $50 – Free Slim Size Pad (Pro) Starter Set!

Orders Over $50 – Free Slim Size Pad (Pro) Starter Set!

Our REWIND response pads have been getting more and more popular over time. Many top competitors now choose REWIND pads for competition! Since these pro pads are “slim” sized, they fit most yo-yos in the current market, and with “soft” “standard” and “hard” options they make it easy for you to adjust to your preferred level of response.

We know it’s hard to choose the right response pads for you and your yo-yos without first giving them a try, so we’ve put together a starter set to help you do just that. It contains 4 pads of each type for a total of 12 pads (enough to outfit 6 yo-yos in total). What would normally cost $15.94, you can get for the special set price of $13.99.

But wait! During our anniversary campaign period only, the starter set is on sale for $7.99!

Not only that, but if you place an order during the campaign period over $50, you can get a starter set for FREE!*

Don’t miss out on your chance to try these awesome response pads! We love ’em and bet you will too.

*You must add the starter pack to your cart to receive the present. Your order must be more than $50 before adding the present to your cart. The price of the item will be subtracted from your order.

<Slim Size Pad Pad Set>

Orders Over $100 – Free REWIND 10th Anniversary Design Pouch!

We made a black pouch with REWIND’s special 10th Anniversary logo!

We made several versions of pouches in the past and have received many requests to make more of them. The size and design is a bit different from past versions, but still has the same great usability!

We will give one free to everyone who places an order over $100.

*Please make sure you add the pouch to your cart in order to receive it for free. The price of the pouch will be deducted from the cart if the order price condition is met. Limit one per order.

<REWIND 10th Anniversary Design Pouch>

Orders Over $200 – Free REWIND 10th Anniversary Design Tote Bag!

We also made a black tote bag with REWIND’s special 10th Anniversary logo designed by Terry!

Tote bags are also another item we have received many requests to make. This one is a great size for shopping, going out, or even using it at school!

We will give one free to everyone who places an order over $200.

*Please make sure you add the tote bag to your cart in order to receive it for free. The price of the tote bag will be deducted from the cart if the order price condition is met. Limit one per order.

<REWIND 10th Anniversary Design Tote Bag>

[RULES for Presents for Orders Over a Fixed Amount]

You may take advantage of this campaign and receive all possible gifts. If you place an order over $200 you can get the gift set of the pads, Pouch, and Bag.

Presents will only be given out if you add them to your cart. If your order meets the correct requirements, the price of the item(s) will be deducted from your payment total. If the present is not added to your cart, it will not be added to your order.

Limit one present set per order. If you wish to receive a second set, please place another order.

If you forgot to add the present(s) to your cart, please message us by contact form or email, or cancel your order and submit a new one with the presents added.

[Free REWIND Pin Badge with every order!]

Get a free special pin badge with every order!

The REWIND pin badge series is our longest running anniversary special giveaway item. This year, we reproduced almost ALL the pin badged we have made in the past. There are 60 different designs in total!

We will include one badge with each order. Once all badges are gone the campaign will end.

In order to complete them all you need to place 60 orders? We made another way. We will sell them in sets on REWIND in a very limited quantity. Please check the designs we have created these past 10 years!

<REWIND Pin Badge Collection>

[Special Thank You Coupon with every order!]

Everyone who places an order during the campaign period will receive a 10% off coupon in their order, usable on our web store from Tuesday, March 12, 12 am (00:00) until Sunday, April 12 11:59 pm (23:59), Japan Time.

(Note: One coupon per package sent (not per item ordered). Applicable to orders shipped from Tuesday, March 3, 1 pm (13:00) until Thursday, March 12, 1 pm (13:00), Japan Time. **(Coupon cannot be applied to some new, limited, or set items.)

[Be entered to win a REWIND 10th Anniversary Yo-Yo]

Place an order during the campaign period and automatically be entered to win one of our limited REWIND 10th Anniversary yo-yos.

There will be 5 winners and they will be drawn in a raffle on REWIND TV (Japanese language only) in March after the campaign has ended (to be announced afterward on our social channels).

*Applicable to orders placed from Tuesday, March 3, 1 pm (13:00) until Monday, March 31, Japan Time.


REWIND is charging headfirst into its 11th year. We’re excited to challenge ourselves with new goals this year too, and will continue to do our best to enrich your yo-yo life!

Thank you for all your support!

[Get a 10% Off Coupon] Please show us your yo-yo bag! “My Yo-Yo Bag Photo Museum”

Yo-Yo is fun to play and fun to collect! It’s also fun to choose your favorite yo-yos to bring with you in your yo-yo bag!

Some players sort their yo-yos by brand, material, or by style. Everyone has a different way of organizing and showing off their collection.

With this campaign, please share the inside of your yo-yo bag with everyone!

If you participate, REWIND will give you a 10% off coupon (valid until Feb. 24, 2020).
New items, set items, and limited items are not subject to this discount.

This is just an event to share your yo-yo bag with everyone, so we have no plans to make a ranking or give any awards.

Campaign Rules:

Two ways to participate!

1. Post on your Instagram or Twitter account

Please post your yo-yo bag photo to your Instagram or Twitter.
Please include #rwmyyoyobag as a hashtag
We will send you the coupon code in a Direct Message. Please follow @rewindyoyo on Instagram or @rewindworldwide on Twitter, otherwise you may not be able to receive our message.

2. Send from the special campaign form

After we check your submission, we will send you the coupon code.

By participating, you acknowledge that REWIND may post your photo, nickname and comment caption on our social media.

Campaign Period:

Posting or submitting the campaign form must be by Feb. 20.
Coupon code expires on Feb. 24.


We accept only photos. No videos please. You can edit the photo if needed, but excessive photoshop may lead to disqualification.

Please send a photo that shows the yo-yos and contents of your bag well.

We will send your coupon code manually, so please allow us 3-4 days to respond. If you do not receive the coupon after that, please contact us.

Your Name*

Your e-mail*

Public nickname for the post*

Comment or story about your yo-yo bag*

Message or comment to REWIND

Please share your thoughts for improvement of our service for making your yo-yo life more exciting!

Photo of your yo-yo bag

Permission to let REWIND to share your comment to REWIND on our web site (as anonymous). We may share your voice as a customer’s voice on our web site. Please allow us to share your insight on our site.

AllowDo not allow

[Result and Sale] Yo-Yo Vote 2019

Many thanks to all who voted in REWIND’s Yo-Yo Vote 2019!
Now it’s time to announce the results!

These are your top favorite yo-yos of 2019:

That’s quite a ranking! We always enjoy seeing which models you like. Thanks again for voting, everyone.
To put a cherry on top of it all, we’re having a sale on the top 5 models!

1st Cadence ES $49.99$47

2nd ReCognition $44.99$40


3rd AKITA $134.99$130


4th Flashback $99.99$90

5th Horizon $44.99$32


Sale Period : Until December 18, 13:00 (Japan Time)



Catch a great deal on the hottest yo-yos of 2019 while you can!

[MAX 19% OFF] REWIND December Double Campaign

It’s that time of year when we have all sorts of deals to help you get the best bang for your buck when it comes to holiday shopping. Right now we have two campaigns going on that you can combine to get around 19% off your order!

The first:
[Buy over $200 and get 10% off your order!]

[REWIND Yo-Yo Vote 2019 — Get a 10% off coupon just for participating!]

Campaign Period:
From December 3rd until December 10th, Japan Time.

This is a great chance to maximize your savings (combine campaigns for 19% off!) so don’t miss it! The full details for each campaign are listed below!

There are so many ways to enjoy yo-yoing. Play with friends, family, try a new play style, play with your favorite model, or try something completely new!
Get that one model you’ve been dreaming of, try out some new parts you’ve been eyeing, or pick up yo-yos for the whole family. No matter your current joy or goal in yo-yoing, our next holiday season campaign will help get you there.

This time, the more you buy the more you’ll save!

If your total purchase is:

$200 or more = 10% off!

*The discounted price will not show in the store listing, but will show in your shopping cart.
*Some New/Limited/Sale Items cannot be discounted by this campaign, but they will still count toward your purchase total to help you get the discount for other items in your cart.
*Your discount will be applied before shipping costs.
*Cannot be combined with other discount coupons.

Campaign Period:

December 10th 11:59pm, (Japan Time)

Use this chance to finish up holiday shopping and pick up something for friends, family, and maybe even treat yo self! Don’t miss it!

We’re nearing the year’s end, so that means you’ve already had almost all of 2018 to enjoy yo-yoing! Wow! Tell us how you feel about your yo-yo year and participate in our fourth annual Yo-Yo Vote 2019!

Please let us know your favorite yo-yo you used this year.
Be sure to give us all the details on why you would recommend that yo-yo to others. We will use your comments to put together an article so anyone can check to see what was great about each model.

This time, just for participating, each person who submits a voting form will receive a 10% off Coupon Code useable on REWIND or YO-YO USA! (The coupon code will be active starting from Dec. 3 until Dec. 10 (Japan Time))
*Does not apply to special/limited/set/sale items

We’ll compile all of your votes and make a ranking. After that, depending on the number of votes or quality of your reviews, we may decide to do another campaign based on the results. Keep your eyes peeled, but for now, just vote!


Campaign Period: until December 10th 11:59pm, (Japan Time)

Get a head start on holiday shopping and don’t miss out on these great fall deals!

Your Name*

Your e-mail*

Your Country*

What is your best yo-yo this year?*

Please choose from yo-yos REWIND has in stock.

Why is it your favorite? Why would you recommend it to others?

Tell us as much as you want.

Which yo-yo do you want most now?

Any suggestions for REWIND?


It’s time again for one of our biggest sales of the year. Black Friday is here!!

For four days only, all items store wide are an extra 20% off!
*Except new, sale, special/bundle items.

Even better, if your purchase is over $200, we’ll take another 5% off your purchase price when you check out!
*Except new, sale, special/bundle items.
*5% off on top of 20% off. Not “25% off.”

Don’t forget, purchases over $200 at REWIND (over $50 at YO-YO USA shipping within the USA; over $150 to Canada; over $200 worldwide)) also get free shipping, so this is the perfect time to stock up on everything you need for the holiday season, as well as the upcoming 2019 competition season!

This sale is available at both REWIND Worldwide and YO-YO USA.

Campaign Period:
FROM: Tuesday, Nov. 28, 11:59pm EST (13:59 Friday, Japan Time)
UNTIL: Monday, Dec. 2, 11:59pm EST (13:59 Tuesday, Japan Time)

Don’t miss it!