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[YO-YO USA] [Catch ‘em all at $4.99] Pokémon Poké Ball Yo-Yo

So I herd u liek return topz!
Congratulations! Your POKÉ BALL evolved into YO-YO.

Thanks to the awesome toy makers in Japan, we now have yo-yos shaped just like Poké Balls, the monster capture item from one of the most popular game series ever, Pokémon! With five authentic types to choose from, you just know you gotta’ catch ’em all!

These official licensed yo-yos are usually only available in Japan from a capsule vending machine. We got them from the source to bring them straight to Pokémon (and yo-yo) fans from Kanto to Unova, Kalos, Alola and beyond!

All it takes is one look at these beauties to see that they are very good looking Poké Balls for being such an inexpensive toy. The yo-yo itself has a plastic spool inside and is playable for some basic tricks.

But wait…A wild DISCOUNT appeared! MEOWTH used Pay Day. It’s super effective! If you buy more than $30 worth of products (excluding shipping, tax, and Pokeball yo-yos), the price of Pokeball yo-yos will be reduced to $4.99 each, discounted from the original price of $9.99.

*If you meet the conditions, the discount will be applied automatically to your shopping cart.

These yo-yos are fun to play with, and so stinkin’ cute. Don’t be a Slowpoke. Get yours while our supplies last!

Pokemon Pokeball Yo-Yo

Try it for free: Anonymous Strings Giveaway Campaign! 5 free strings for purchases over $30.

In 2018, we are proud to introduce a new string brand “Anonymous Strings” that we just added to our lineup. The strings are made in Indonesia with materials from Japan.

Regular Fat (Lime Green)
Less Tension Fat (Yellow)
Less Tension Thin (White)

Regular Type has a strong string tension (twist) and flies well when you swing it. It is great for Laceration and Hook type tricks.

Less Tension Type is closer to the feeling of current popular competition strings. It has a softer feeling, yet the string flies well. It’s a good, balanced string.

Thin is good for looping yo-yos.

Anonymous Strings’ feeling and play are different from what we have carried before. We liked them so much that we want everyone to have a chance to try them, so we are having a giveaway campaign!

What: A free 5-string Test Pack (one of three types will be included randomly)
Who can get it: Customers who buy more than $30 in one shipment.
When: From now until the giveaway packs run out, or Jan. 29 (Mon) 1pm Japan Time


We will choose the type randomly.
Maximum one pack per shipment. Even if you order more than $60, we will still only include one pack.

Enjoy trying out some great new strings from Anonymous Strings, and while you’re at it you may discover a fresh new play feeling.

[REWIND Only] New Year Pixel Bearing Giveaway Campaign

Celebrate the New Year with a fresh bearing for your yo-yo! We are giving away Pixel Bearings for free! You can get one for each yo-yo over $60 purchased.

For example, if you buy two yo-yos priced over $60 USD you will receive TWO free Pixel Bearings.

*First come first served basis. Do not wait to place an order!
*Excludes Sale/Set/Special Items.

Event Period

Until 2018 Jan 16th 01:00pm (Japan Time)

-or- Until all the campaign bearings have been given away.

Get ’em while they’re hot!

2017 Year End Mystery Box! Dec. 26 10:00 pm EST / 7:00pm PST

We are releasing an end of the year Mystery Box on Dec. 26 10:00 pm EST / 7:00pm PST!

This mystery box comes guaranteed with a not-yet-sold bi-metal model and with two plastic models.
The price for the mystery box is $70.

The bi-metal yo-yo is designed by Japanese yo-yo design brand “SUS YOYO MECHANICS,” and has not yet been sold, nor revealed anywhere.


SUS YOYO MECHANICS has worked with several yo-yo brands already and has even created several popular models by a big yo-yo brand.

The first model with the official name of “SUS YOYO MECHANICS” comes in this mystery box.

This is your chance to try a brand new model from a designer who is revered throughout Japan for their work. The only way you can get one is in our Mystery Box, so don’t miss it!

2017 Year End Mystery Box

Treat Yo Self! Buy premium yo-yos and get free bearings!

There are only a few days left in 2017! We know it’s been a long year and you’ve been working hard. Why not take this chance to reward yourself with that special premium yo-yo or two you’ve had your eye on all year? At the same time, you’ll want to keep your favorite throws in their best condition. This is a great chance to try out some good high-spec bearings.
Right now as a special present to you, if you make a purchase over $200, we will subtract up to $35 from bearings you add to your shopping cart.

Campaign details:

If you have more than $200 worth of products in your cart (after any coupons or other discounts), the bearings in your cart will be discounted up to the amount of $30. The discount will be automatically applied if the conditions are met in the cart.


The discount will be applied automatically to the shopping cart.
The discount will be applied on the bearing(s). It will not be above the price of bearing(s).
Even if you purchase over $400 worth, the discount will still be ONLY up to $30. Please separate into two orders if you want it to apply twice.
For example, you can get one of the most premium Dif Ceramic Bearings for free, or grab three Pixel bearings. You could even get a bunch of non-brand bearings for your looping yo-yos! Utilize the campaign however you like!

Whether it’s for yourself, friends, or family, find a yo-yo that will make your special person so jolly this holiday season!

Campaign Period:

From:13 December 1:00pm(Japan Time)
Until: 20 December 1:00pm(Japan Time)