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[REWIND/YO-YO USA Buy More, Save More Campaign]

There are so many ways to enjoy yo-yoing. Play with friends, family, try a new play style, play with your favorite model, or try something completely new!
Get that one model you’ve been dreaming of, try out some new parts you’ve been eyeing, or pick up yo-yos for the whole family. No matter your current joy or goal in yo-yoing, our next holiday season campaign will help get you there.

This time, the more you buy the more you’ll save!

If your total purchase is:

$100 or more = 5% off!
$200 or more = 10% off!
$300 or more = 15% off!
$400 or more = 20% off!

*The discounted price will not show in the store listing, but will show in your shopping cart.
*Some New/Limited/Sale Items cannot be discounted by this campaign, but they will still count toward your purchase total to help you get the discount for other items in your cart.
*Your discount will be applied before shipping costs.
*Cannot be combined with other discount coupons.

Campaign Period:

Wednesday, December 19, 1:00pm (Japan Time)
Tuesday, December 18, 8:00pm (PST)
Tuesday, December 18, 11:00pm (EST)
Wednesday, December 19, 4:00am (GMT)

Use this chance to finish up holiday shopping and pick up something for friends, family, and maybe even treat yo self! Don’t miss it!


[Result and Sale] Yo-Yo Vote 2018

Many thanks to all who voted in REWIND’s Yo-Yo Vote 2018!
Now it’s time to announce the results!

These are your top favorite yo-yos of 2018:

That’s quite a ranking! We always enjoy seeing which models you like. Thanks again for voting, everyone.
To put a cherry on top of it all, we’re having a sale on the top 6 models!

1st Krown.st7068 (Comes with Dif KonKave Bearing)

2nd Omnitron $119.99$95


3rd Bliss (Comes with Dif KonKave Bearing)


3rd Radius Nexus $44.99$35

3rd ND $44.99$35

3rd Marco $59.99$47


Sale Period : Until December 12, 13:00 (Japan Time)



Catch a great deal on the hottest yo-yos of 2018 while you can!

YO-YO VOTE 2018 – You can get a 10% off coupon code just for participating!

We’re nearing the year’s end, so that means you’ve already had almost all of 2018 to enjoy yo-yoing! Wow! Tell us how you feel about your yo-yo year and participate in our fourth annual Yo-Yo Vote 2018!

Please let us know your favorite yo-yo you used this year.
Be sure to give us all the details on why you would recommend that yo-yo to others. We will use your comments to put together an article so anyone can check to see what was great about each model.

This time, just for participating, each person who submits a voting form will receive a 10% off Coupon Code useable on REWIND or YO-YO USA! (The coupon code will be active starting from Nov. 28 until Dec. 4 (Japan Time))
*Does not apply to special/limited/set/sale items

We’ll compile all of your votes and make a ranking. After that, depending on the number of votes or quality of your reviews, we may decide to do another campaign based on the results. Keep your eyes peeled, but for now, just vote!


Campaign Period: until December 4th, 2018,(Japan Time)

Get a head start on holiday shopping and don’t miss out on these great fall deals!

YoYoFactory Special Present Campaign “Buy an Edge Beyond, Get a Wedge (PC) Free!”

This is to celebrate the release of new colors of Edge Beyond, 2018 1A World Champion Evan Nagao’s signature model.
If you buy an Edge Beyond, you will get Evan’s other signature yo-yo, the Wedge (PC) for free! Color will be random. This is your chance to truly experience two of world champion, Evan’s, incredible signature models. Don’t miss it!

<YoYoFactory – Edge Beyond>

2018 WYYC Prediction Giveaway Result!

Thank you for your participation of 2018 WYYC Prediction Giveaway.

3 Winners are below:
1st place – Ya-Heng Tai – US$50 gift certificate to REWIND Worldwide or YOYOUSA
2nd Place – Wesley Lim – US$30 gift certificate to REWIND Worldwide or YOYOUSA
2nd Place – Jeremy Lin – US$30 gift certificate to REWIND Worldwide or YOYOUSA

We will send gift certificate code to their e-mail.