2023 MWR (Midwest Regional Yo-Yo Championship) Freestyle Videos

2023 MWR (Midwest Regional Yo-Yo Championship) Freestyle Videos


1A Division

1st Hunter Feuerstein

2nd Brandon Vu

3rd Levi White

4th Adrian Velez

5th West Way

6th John Datoy-Narum

7th Tyler Duffy

8th Angelo Aguirre

9th Nathan Smith

10th Fisher Stokes

11th Patrick Erickson

12th Shane Lubecker

13th Isaac Viteri

14th Drew Mrowiec

15th Zach Gustafson

16th Leo Sakuma

X Division

1st Josiah Pulsifier

2nd Connor Scholten

3rd John Datoy-Narum

4th Tyson Engelke

5th Tony Sung

6th Nathan Smith

7th Tyler Ostby

8th Elijah Stroot

Sports Freestyle

1st (9 & Under) Pierce Boulay

2nd (9 & Under) Braxton Creasy

1st (Ages 10 to 17) Levi Sattler

2nd (Ages 10 to 17) A’Daevian Alvarez

3rd (Ages 10 to 17) Ethan Ross

4th (Ages 10 to 17) Lotus Deuel

5th (Ages 10 to 17) Jonah Kooiker

6th (Ages 10 to 17) Graham Benson

1st (18 & Up) Piotr Kaczanowski

2nd (18 & Up) Jake Rosario

3rd (18 & Up) Jeremy DeJesus

4th (18 & Up) Trey Winfield

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