2021 Czech YoYo Nationals Freestyle Videos

2021 Czech YoYo Nationals Freestyle Videos.


1A Pro Division

1st Matous Tomes

2nd Jakub Dolejs
3rd Michael Malik

1A Royal Division

1st Robert Kucera

2nd Yixing Tan
3rd Tomas Bubak

X Division

1st Jakub Dolejs

2nd Quentin Godet
3rd Zeyu Lin

1A OPEN Division

1st Keiran Cooper

2nd Simon Dubischar
3rd Pall Gudmundsson

1A Women Division

1st Veronika Kamenska

2nd Katerina Halikova
3rd Sofie Tumova

1A Junior Division

1st Katerina Halikova

2nd Maurus von Kamptz
3rd Bruno Poturnay


Czech YoYo Nationals 2021

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