[Get a 10% Off Coupon] Please show us your yo-yo bag! “My Yo-Yo Bag Photo Museum”

Yo-Yo is fun to play and fun to collect! It’s also fun to choose your favorite yo-yos to bring with you in your yo-yo bag!

Some players sort their yo-yos by brand, material, or by style. Everyone has a different way of organizing and showing off their collection.

With this campaign, please share the inside of your yo-yo bag with everyone!

If you participate, REWIND will give you a 10% off coupon (valid until Feb. 24, 2020).
New items, set items, and limited items are not subject to this discount.

This is just an event to share your yo-yo bag with everyone, so we have no plans to make a ranking or give any awards.

Campaign Rules:

Two ways to participate!

1. Post on your Instagram or Twitter account

Please post your yo-yo bag photo to your Instagram or Twitter.
Please include #rwmyyoyobag as a hashtag
We will send you the coupon code in a Direct Message. Please follow @rewindyoyo on Instagram or @rewindworldwide on Twitter, otherwise you may not be able to receive our message.

2. Send from the special campaign form

After we check your submission, we will send you the coupon code.

By participating, you acknowledge that REWIND may post your photo, nickname and comment caption on our social media.

Campaign Period:

Posting or submitting the campaign form must be by Feb. 20.
Coupon code expires on Feb. 24.


We accept only photos. No videos please. You can edit the photo if needed, but excessive photoshop may lead to disqualification.

Please send a photo that shows the yo-yos and contents of your bag well.

We will send your coupon code manually, so please allow us 3-4 days to respond. If you do not receive the coupon after that, please contact us.

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