EYYC 15 Freestyle Videos & Results

[1A Result]
1st: Jakub Dekan

[2A Result]
1st: Jan Schmutz

[3A Result]
1st: Stephen Langley

[4A Result]
1st: Quentin Godet

[5A Result]
1st: David Molnar

[AP Result]
1st: Inmotion

[Women Result]
1st: Julia Aleksandra Gutowska

[1A Junior Result]
1st: Kacper Palatynski

[1A Open]
1st: Ryosuke Iwasawa


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REWIND's youngest team member, Shinya is unabashed, and puts his everything into his performances. Loves to eat, loves to sleep. He is a member of team C3yoyodesign. He has his own popular signature model, the KROWN.st. He won 1st place in 1A at the New York International Open 2008 and 2009, and got his first world championship in 1A in 2009. Nowadays he runs yoyonews.jp, the premier Japanese yo-yo news site. Other than yo-yo, he loves cute animals, and has a pet rabbit called Usami and a snake called Isami.