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2015EYYC Tee, C3 Wind Jacket, Accelerator (European Team Edition), & Oxygene Obsidian

Today’s new arrivals.

2015 EYYC T-shirt

Sick EYYC15 logo by Paul Escolar!
We have only Medium and Large.

Oxygene – Obsidian

This is the production version. Sold out!

YOMEGA – Yo-Yo & Kendama Holster, Yomega Yo-Yo Tool (String Cutter / Bearing Remover), and Yo-Yo Stand

Fireball and Spectrum restocked too.


C3yoyodesign – C3 Hooded Wind Jacket

C3yoyodesign – Accelerator (European Team Edition)

Hironori brings some Accelerators to Japan from EYYC2015!

EYYC 2015 1A Junior, 2A, 3A, 4A, AP, 1A Open Result

[2A Result]
1st: Jan Schmutz

[3A Result]
1st: Stephen Langley

[4A Result]
1st: Quentin Godet

[1A Junior Result]
1st: Kacper Palatynski(3:17:23~)
from EYYC official archive

[1A Open result]
1st: Ryosuke Iwasawa

[AP Result]
1st: Inmotion
Result sheet uploaded C3yoyodesign(Facebook)
Video uploaded by C3yoyodesign