2023 Virginia State Yo-Yo Competition Freestyle Videos

2023 Virginia State Yo-Yo Competition Freestyle Videos.



1st Matthew Poon

2nd Chandler Steele
3rd Michael Kurti
4th Blaise Becker
5th Abel Feher
6th Aidan Cioch
7th Jerry Carboneau
8th Dan Gorham
9th Bryant Baus
10th Ryan Kim
11th John Wolfe
12th Nathan Joseph
13th Paul Harness
14th Ziyu Meng
15th Hugh Harrison
16th Max Nguyen
17th Daniel Wu
18th Nguyen Nguyen
19th Abby Brodsky
20th Joe Wilson
21th Takumi Segi
22th William Murphy
23th Will McCue
24th Jack Lester


1st John Wolfe (5A)

2nd Alex Curfman (3A)
3rd Joe Lacerda (2A)

1st Liam Klass

2nd Justin Perry
3rd Kyle Lampart
4th Mary Kate Nelson
5th Leo Stewart
6th Ari Grundel
7th Julian Soto
8th Kabir Ahuja
9th Griffin Glatthaar
10th Phil Quagliariello

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