How To Choosing Looping Yo-Yos


Looping Tricks are when the yo-yo moves in a circular looping trajectory.(e.x. inside loop, around the world, etc.)

It is a very cool looking, impressive play style.
But, it is very difficult and requires hard work and practice to master.
We will introduce looping yo-yos to help you learn these difficult tricks!


・Yo-Yos Good for Looping Tricks.

・Normal Shape (e.x. Loop720, Raider)

A normal shape is good for looping becose it is easy to control and it naturally does a half flip near your hand.
If it doesn’t flip you can lose control an go into corkscrew loops (bad)

・Strong Return.

If it does’t return well you can lose control of the yo-yo.
For looping you need a yo-yo with a narrow gap and a strong consistent return.

・Long Sleep

Some looping tricks combine loops and sleep (e.x. Time Warp, Warp Drive).
We recommend a yo-yo that has both a strong return and long sleep.


Other Things You Will Need

Looping Oil

You need looping oil to keep the bearing or axle (depending on the yo-yo) in good condition for a strong return.
REWIND Looping Oil, YYF Loopimg Oil, sOMEThING LP Lube

How to use looping oil

→How to Oil a Metal Bearing
→How to Oil a Axle


Loopin tricks put a lot of stress on the string so you will need to change the string more often to avoid playing with bad string (which could be dangerous).
It’ important to have a good amount of backup strings.

→String Lineup (REWIND USA)

Finger Tape

If your finger hurts while practicing looping, you can use medical tape to protect your finger from the string.
→Protecting Tape for Finger (REWIND WORLDWIDE)
→Finger Wrap Tape (REWIND USA)

Let’s Play Yo-Yo!!