How to Oil a Axle (Loop720 etc.)

How to Oil a Axle (Loop720 etc.)

As you use your Yomega looping yo-yo, you’ll notice that it starts to get harder to play with, and begins to make a lot of noise when it spins, and doesn’t respond well any more. Time for some maintenance!

You’ll need tissue, oil or vaseline (REWIND Looping Oil, YYF Looping Oil, or sOMEThING LP Lube).


0. Take the yo-yo apart

Make sure not to lose any small parts, and remove the string ahead of time.

1. If you’re using spacers, remove one side

Ignore this step if you don’t use spacers.

2. Add oil, just a drop or two

Smear the oil or vaseline onto the axle itself. It’s ok to get some oil in the bearing, but the important part to lubricate is the axle itself.

3. Replace the bearing, and wipe off any excess oil

You don’t want oil all over you yo-yo; it’s bad for the plastic, and can negatively effect the yo-yo’s response (especially for starburt response yo-yos).

4. Reassemble the body, and test it!

If you use spacers, don’t forget to set them correctly, or you could damage your yo-yo.

Cleaning your yo-yo

One of the side effects of using oil with your yo-yo, is that over time you’ll get a build up of old oil or vaseline in the little cracks here and there. This is bad for your yo-yo for a number of reasons, so let’s wipe it clean every few times we oil the axle, just to keep things in top shape.

To do this, just take the yo-yo apart and wipe the interior with a Q-tip (cotton swab).

If there’s a lot of oil on the axle threading, it may cause the yo-yo to come apart during play. Wipe it down with a tissue.

If you’re using a spacer, it may get sticky and hard to remove. If this happens, use a set of our fancy tweezers.