How to use Shims

How to use Shims

A shim is a small metal washer that can be used with certain YoYoJam models to give you greater control over the gap width, letting you adjust the responsiveness of your yo-yo. We carry Shim-compatible yo-yos and SolidSpin yo-yos with which you can use shims.

So what are shims for? As you progress and try more difficult tricks, you may find your yo-yo stopping or returning when it shouldn’t. If your yo-yo is shim-compatible, you’ll find that you don’t need a new yo-yo to level-up your skills.

So what does a shim do? It basically lets you widen the yo-yo’s gap, which makes it less responsive.

This is a stock YoYoJam Kickside. Note how narrow the gap is.

After installing a shim, note how much wider the gap is.

With these modifications, you can enjoy a number of variations that give a single yo-yo many different flavors, which lets you practice different kinds of tricks.

So, you’ll need a shim (we carry Red, Grey, and a KonKave Bearing shim set. If you can’t remove the bearing by hand, you’ll also need a pair of pliers.


0. Open the body and remove the bearing

If you can’t remove the bearing by hand, check our How-To.

1. Insert the shim

Although you can use more than one, start with one shim to see the kind of difference it makes. If you are using a KonKave or Center Trac Bearing, we recommend using shims on each side to keep the balance.

2. Stand it up and put it all back together

Keep an eye on the shim and bearing to make sure they stay aligned as you set everything. If you’re installing two shims, set the yo-yo vertically when screwing it back together.

3. Removal is easy too

This mod is completely reversible; you can easily remove the shim with a set of tweezers.

Things to watch out for with shims

If you use too many shims, the body won’t close properly, and you won’t be able to use the yo-yo normally. Don’t go over a maximum of 1mm of shims on each side. For maximum gap width, one Red shim on each side, or two Tez shims on each side should be your maximum.

Are shims necessary?

Shims are completely optional. They are just available if you want to try new tricks with a less responsive yo-yo, and if your yo-yo is compatible with shims.

So if you’re game, give it a try and see what settings work best for you. Remember to store your unused shims and other small parts in a Parts Case.