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C3yoyodesign – Shion Araya Edition, Limited Black Edition, Initiator, M.O.V.E (New Color) and more

C3yoyodesign’s new items now available!

C3yoyodesign – Shion Araya Edition and Limited Black Edition

Two special editions of, 2015WYYC 1A 2nd place Shion Araya’s special edition and limited black body/gold colored rim edition.

*Limited Black Edition is sold out.

C3yoyodesign – Initiator

Initiator is a contest-class looping yo-yo ready for anyone to pick up and play.

C3yoyodesign – M.O.V.E

New colors available!

Also C3 String (Poly100% ) on sale.



Hironori brought some items from YOYO-USA store.

Check the NEW ITEMS and RE-STOCK category.