More than $1000 worth in prizes! Dragon Tamer Video Contest by YoYoFactory

YoYoFactory just announced their “Dragon Tamer Video Contest” featuring the YoYoFactory NINE Dragons!

Come up with a new trick utilizing the NINE Dragons’ unique powers and submit your video! The grand prize will be more than $1000 worth of YoYoFactory products, and the top 10 entries’ prizes aren’t too shabby either, so this is definitely a contest you do not want to miss out on!

If you already have a NINE Dragons yo-yo, film your own trick and submit! It’s that easy.

If you DO NOT have a NINE Dragons we are now offering them at a special price, so pick one up while they’re cheap and enter away!

To promote the video contest, we are offering NINE Dragons White Shell (POM) for $20 off right now!


Thanks to the freely spinning shell, you can do many unique moves with NINE Dragons. Make your own trick and become a world famous dragon tamer!

Dragon Tamer Video Contest!

Welcome to the official Nine Dragons Trick Contest hosted by YoYoFactory! This contest will show off original tricks from players all around the world, along with the limitless possibilities that the Nine Dragons yoyo is capable of handling.
Andrew Hulterstrom has a great video to pull some inspiration from, showing off a collection of tricks for your individual trick video. Check out Andrews video, and be sure to read all the rules below!
You can also check out Dragon Tamer Kevin Nicholas on his Instagram (@nivex) for even more inspiration!

The contest will run for three weeks, giving everyone plenty of time to create, film, and upload an original trick. The contest will start Friday, November 11th and end Sunday, December 4nd.

Prizes! To determine the winner, we at YoYoFactory will pick our top 10 favorite tricks, and hold a fan voting contest over the following week. This will determine the winner of the Dragon Trainer Video Contest! Our top ten favorites will all win a NINE Dragons pack which, includes $200+ in prizes of everything you will need for you Nine Dragons. This includes, but is not limited to, colored shells, spare bearings, and miscellaneous parts. The Grand Prize winner, who will be picked by popular vote, will receive the ULTIMATE PRIZE PACK which includes every new YoYoFactory release in the beginning of 2017, along with the previous mentioned NINE Dragon pack, guaranteeing over $1000 in retail value.

Dragon Trainer Video Contest Rules:
In order to enter, one must create, upload, and name an original trick using the Nine Dragons yoyo to YouTube titled “YoYoFactory Nine Dragons Trick – [Insert trick name here]”.  Once your video is uploaded, send us an email to with a link to your video so we can see it! We will email you back to confirm that we received it and you are officially entered. All contestants are allowed to upload multiple videos of different original tricks. If there is a duplicated trick, the first upload of that trick will be considered for the prizes.
Any previous Nine Dragons owner who submits a video entry will receive a free pair of shells, and if you need a pair of shells in order to enter, just email us at and we will send you a new pair.
All of our favorite videos will be listed on as recommended tricks for new and old players to learn in our trick gallery, using your original trick names!

Off Topic: In Aichi, Japan, where the REWIND main office is, we have a professional baseball team called the “Chunichi Dragons,” so every time I see the name NINE Dragons, it looks like “Dragons Nine” (what we call the starting members for the Dragons team). Haha, yeah that was TOTALLY off topic… 😛

Cerevo 7-Magic Preorder

At long last, the light-up yo-yo that you didn’t know was possible will soon be released!

Make way for Cerevo’s 7-Magic!


The 7-Magic is a super bright light-up yo-yo with programmable LED with C3yoyodesign’s Initiator as its base.

It is equipped with 21 super bright LED lights on each side, which you can program for timing, color, and patterns, through your bluetooth-enabled computer.

It comes with two sets of spacers, a set for looping (same as the regular Initiator) and a set for sleeping (setting for regular play).


This is a sample performance of all the things the 7-Magic can do.

BLACK, one of the world’s most well-known yo-yo performers, helped with the development of the 7-Magic. In the video above, he used the 7-Magic in his brand-new show.

After performing in KURIOS, a Cirque du Soleil show, BLACK set his sights on expanding the possibilities of yo-yo. This project became possible through Black’s collaboration with the CEO of Cerevo, and after months of development it’s now on its way to becoming one of the most innovative yo-yos in the scene.

You can preorder Cerevo’s 7-Magic now!

We are now taking preorders. Once we receive the yo-yos from the maker we will ship them out. We expect to be able to ship within the month of November. If you order any other items with this yo-yo, everything in your order will be shipped together after we receive the 7-Magic. We recommend ordering the 7-Magic separately from other items if you need them sooner.

Note: The yo-yo is designed to be used within Japan. Any use of this yo-yo outside of Japan will be out of maker’s customer support/warranty. Please use the yo-yo at your own risk.

[IMPORTANT] Shipping Price Change & Introducing “International ePacket”


As of June 1, 2016, the Japan Post Office changed their pricing drastically for EMS which we mainly use. We have offered as-low-as-possible shipping rates to our customers for years, yet, with this change, we will no longer be able to offer the same deal.

As of last Saturday, we started offering a new shipping option called “International ePacket.” This is a newly introduced service by the Japan Post Office made to help facilitate this age of Internet shopping. International ePacket comes with insurance and tracking, but is more affordable than EMS, and is still faster than regular airmail or SAL service.

Official Web Site for International ePacket:

Thanks to ePacket pricing, we can now offer an even lower shipping cost to our customer for as low as $7 to all of Asia, and $9 to the US, Canada, Australia and Europe.


We will still have a free shipping option for orders over $200 with International ePacket.

Also, we will keep an EMS option for our customers who seek faster and more secured shipping, for $18.

Please see our “For the First-Time Customers” page for more details.

Thank you again for your understanding and support of our store, REWIND. We will continue to do our best to offer the most excellent service in the industry, and spread the fun of a life with yo-yo.

Hironori Mii
CEO of Yo-Yo Company Inc. (Yo-Yo Store REWIND)

REWIND-TV with Zac Rubino and Gentry Stein will be LIVE Friday night!

REWIND TV Worldwide is back with a bang!

We’re going live on Friday night (7pm PST, 10pm EST, Sat 11am Japan Time) with special guests Zac Rubino of Duncan Crew and Gentry Stein of Team YoYoFactory! Watch for an exclusive behind the scenes look at their summer Japan Tour, the usual yo-yo recommendations, and all the great yo-yo talk you’ve come to expect from REWIND TV. We’ll be answering all your questions so be sure to tune in live. Hope to see you there!


July 18, FRIDAY 7 pm (PST)

July 18, FRIDAY 11 pm (EST)

July 19, SATURDAY 11 am (Japan Time)