2023 Singapore Yoyo Chamionships Final Freestyle Videos



1st Xavier Ng
2nd Thawhir Iqbal
3rd Thanan
4th Ryan Lim
5th Karthik
6th Yick Wei Tien
7th Chan Yu Hong
8th Bryan Teo
9th Sciran


1st Willis Lee
2nd Chris Lee
3rd Bryan Teo
4th Chong Yichen


1st Thawhir Iqbal
2nd Chong Yichen
3rd Kenneth Bay


1st Wee Teng Ee
2nd Chong Yichen
3rd Wong Deshun
4th Roland Tay


1st Kenneth Bay
2nd Chris Lee
3rd Wee Teng Ee
4th Chong Yichen

Open 1A

1st Ryuichi Nakamura
2nd Leo Chan
3rd Jonathan Sitanggang
4th Ahmad Kharisma
5th Brandon Vu
6th Quoc Khanh Le
7th Quoc Khanh Dang
8th Rigel Amadeo Muharmdesla
10th Kevin Hendrata
11th Daeven Neeve
12th Phan Hong Thanh
13th Ho Swee Jim
14th Huang Zhao Xin
15th Nakarin Thongboonnuang
16th Chee Chung Yan

Open X

1st Yuki Sakamoto
2nd Quoc Anh
3rd Ilhan Gabriel
4th Tran Minh Hieu
5th Nakarin Thongboonnuang
6th Hoang Huy Luu Nguyen
7th Christian James Welly
8th Xiao Bowen
9th Aw Yee Han
10th Takahiko Hasegawa

Judges Showcase

Garbkamol Limangkul

Pompinit Sanprasert

Yoyo Association of Singapore Official YouTube CHannel

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