Japan Open YoYo Championship 2016


We are proud to announce the “Japan Open YoYo Championship”, a new championship brought to you by Hiroyuki Suzuki and Kengo Kido in collaboration.
The Japan Open YoYo Championship is an international open YoYo championship, set up with the aim to stimulate the long-term development of the Japanese YoYo community.
The Tokyo 2015 World YoYo Contest, was a special contest for many Japanese players who for the first time shared experiences and made new bonds with players from overseas, giving them a taste of how great an international community is developing, far away from Japanese shores.
To give the positive effects of worlds long lasting momentum, we felt the need to create an event in Japan where players can gather from across the world annually, build on friendships, and continue the rivalries sparked in 2015.
In the same way that Europe is known for EYYC, and Singapore is known for AP, we will build a contest that the Japanese community can be proud of.
We also firmly believe that because of the size and the passion toward YoYo our community has, along with our depth of experience with running competitions, that the 2018 World Yo-yo Contest should again be held in Japan.
The success of the Japan Open YoYo Championship will further cement the already strong foundations we have in Japan – that is our experience of running contest and our fantastic scene – and give our committee of organisers further experience in order to make a successful bid for the 2018 World Yo-Yo Contest, and run an amazing event.


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