Dam-Dae Cha wins Korea National YoYo Contest! (Video)

The 2014 Korea National Yo-yo Contest was held on May 17th and 18th and we have the results!

In 1A, sOMEThING’s young talent Dam-Dae Cha got his first title and is the new Korean Champion. In 2A, Jin-Gyu Han is still the champion, claiming his third national title.

In 3A, Beom-Jun Jeong is back at the top for his fifth national title, after finishing 3rd last year. The flashy Ji-Hwan Jeon also increased his national title collection to four with another 4A win.

Finally, in 5A, Min-Soo Kim finally reached the top after being a contender for several years.

Check the full results below!


1st Place – Cha Dam-Dae

2nd Place – Yu Young-Sik

3rd Place – Cho Min-Kyu

  1. Lee Min-Woo
  2. Jeon Ji Hwan
  3. Kim Min-Kyu
  4. Noh In-Kyu
  5. Kim Sang-Wu
  6. Lee Do-Seung
  7. Jeong Young-Chan


1st Place – Han Jin-Gyu

2nd Place – Yoon Jong-Ki

3rd Place – You Won-Jun

  1. Kim Yun-Su
  2. Joung Gwon-Seok
  3. Lee Su-Hyun


1st Place – Jeong Beom-Jun

2nd Place – Noh In-Kyu

3rd Place – Kim Min-Kyu

  1. Kim Jin
  2. Yu Hui-Won


1st Place – Jeon Ji Hwan

2nd Place – Lee Min-Woo

3rd Place – Song Seung-Hun

  1. Jeong Yong-Chan
  2. Lee Joong-Min
  3. Lee Sun-Gwon


1st Place – Kim Min-Soo

2nd Place – Lee Hwa-Sin

3rd Place – Lee Seung-Yun

  1. Noh In-Kyu
  2. Kim Hyeong-Won

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