How to Polish a Raw Yo-Yo

One of the types of yo-yos we sell at REWIND is known as Raw Silver Aluminum. It’s also frequently known as uncolored, unfinished, or naked aluminum.

Aluminum yo-yos are generally machined from a large block, and then color is applied before the smaller parts are assembled and the yo-yo is completed. The coloring process helps protect the aluminum from getting tarnished. So while raw aluminum yo-yos are available, they are prone to get tarnished over time, losing that mirror finish that makes them so attractive in the first place.

Enter the polishing cloth, your raw yo-yo’s new best friend.

The tarnish on the yo-yo doesn’t just make you miss that sparkling yo-yo you bought, it also changes the properties of the yo-yo’s surface, affecting the way it plays. You can bring your old yo-yo back to life, so let’s polish that baby!

This guide is for using our Polishing Cloth.


1. Beforehand, lightly clean off your yo-yo with a dry cloth or tissue. Also wash your hands before handling the yo-yo.

Photo 1: As you use your yoyorecreation Sleipnir, you’ll notice it slowly getting a bit of a rough feeling to its surface. This is due to rust and tarnish. By keeping your yo-yo polished, you can ensure a long life and years of fun.


2. Take your Polishing Cloth and work on the areas where you want to clean off tarnish. The cloth will quickly change color and get dark, but it will still be effective. if a part of the cloth stops being effective, switch to use a different part of the cloth.

Photo 2: As you scrub your yo-yo, you’ll notice the color change. That’s rust you’re removing from the yo-yo’s surface.

Photo 3: Taking half of the yo-yo, place it on the polishing cloth and rub the yo-yo against the cloth itself. This method can scratch up the surface beneath the cloth, so place a bit of cardboard under the cloth before starting.

Photo 4: A new polishing cloth is on the left, and on the right is a used cloth. Even after getting this dark, the cloth is still usable and effective. Of course you can also use the other side of the cloth.


3. For a super shine, apply just a bit of water to the polishing cloth, using a spray bottle. You really only need a tiny amount of water; if you apply too much, it will dissolve the polishing surface of the cloth, so exercise extreme caution.

Photo 5: Apply just a tiny bit of moisture to the cloth for an even brighter shine. Avoid any other liquids.


4. After polishing, once more wash your hands, then clean the yo-yo again with a dry cloth or tissue.

Photo 6: This part is rather important, you’ll be shocked at how dark the tissue will be after this final round.

Photo 7: A well-polished Raw Silver yo-yo, just a few minutes can leave your yo-yo looking new again.


For a more detailed description, check the metal polishing user’s manual.

*There is no guarantee that you can polish away ALL rust and tarnish. Some areas where the rust has penetrated the surface deeply, no matter how much you polish it won’t come off.

The Appeal of Raw Silver Yo-Yos

The attraction of raw yo-yos is, as you might expect, the attention it commands. Compared to a regular colored yo-yo, that shiny finish catches the eye like no other, and is the secret to the success of raw yo-yos. Placed up against regular silver yo-yos, you can clearly see the difference.


How much should I polish my yo-yo?

That really depends on you; there are those who polish their yo-yos daily, and others who may go months between polishes. How much you’ll need to polish it will depend on how much you use your yo-yo, as well as how sweaty your hands get. If you go a long time without polishing it, you will have to work extra hard to get a mirror shine. We recommend polishing your raw yo-yos every two weeks to one month.


Do I HAVE to polish my yo-yo?

We wouldn’t say that it’s absolutely necessary, and there are players who never polish their raw yo-yos. Some people even prefer the feeling of a well-used, unpolished yo-yo. Perhaps it’s similar to the appeal of old leather, used books and clothes; in the beginning, all new items are identical, but with use, you infuse the yo-yo with your individuality; the yo-yo becomes imprinted with your personality.