The Modern Yo-Yo

Maybe you have a vague idea of what yo-yos are, but stuff kids are doing these days isn’t anything like you imagine when you think about yo-yos.

When you think of yo-yos, you probably think of something like this: Down and up a few times, then you get bored and play with something else.

But yo-yo has gone far beyond the simple toy you’re picturing. Here’s an idea of what a modern yo-yo player looks like:

>>2019 1A World Champion – Gentry Stein

So, although those “down and up” models are still around, we have yo-yos that don’t come back AT ALL without special techniques, that will spin for 30 seconds just by letting it fall from your hand. The long sleeper world record is currently 30 minutes and 28 seconds (as of January, 2013).

There are also many different styles, including one where the yo-yo isn’t even connected to the string! This all may seem overwhelming, but don’t let all this intimidate you, we’re all beginners at the start. Yo-yo technology has developed so much in the past 10 years, that players of all shapes and sizes have a chance to play yo-yo at very high levels.

Anyone and Everyone can yo-yo!
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